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I’m alive! My old 2005 #Intel 915GEV PC motherboard still...

I’m alive! My old 2005 #Intel 915GEV PC motherboard still runs! It was my old work horse PC; gave away for the church to use; then returned back to me. Left it lying in the corner for a long while. Now decided to tinker with it. Someone took out a DDR2-RAM but a VGA card was installed. The DVD-ROM drive was cranky, so I disabled it and installed an old DVD/RW drive instead. The cable was old and fungus was breeding in it. Had to replace the cable. Then the PC broke! Tried clearing the CMOS, still it didn’t boot. Finally found that the RAM module was not slot in properly. Maybe I might have bump into it.
Started the PC, and voila! The PC boots!
So later I’m going to partition the drive and multi-boot with #FreeDOS, #PuppyLinux and #LinuxLite.
For now having a sore back from all the crouching about sorting through the hardware… (at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

My Home Music Studio #YamahaPiano #YamahaMX49 #KorgWavestation...

My Home Music Studio
#YamahaPiano #YamahaMX49 #KorgWavestation #Casio #keyboards
I think I probably need 4 hands to play them all. There is #MIDI of course but that just makes a multi layered sound.
I suppose to get multi layered music I will have to set up #Cubase, which I haven’t gotten around to install it yet. Cubase needs a 64bit Windows to work. So that means my good old laptop is the only candidate, currently hooked up to my TV. I’m thinking of using a long USB cable to link up with the Yamaha MX49. And slave Korg and my digital piano to it.
Anyway, it is still a work in progress for my music hobby.


#YamahaMX49 #synth #keyboard cool sounds. My son wants to play...

#YamahaMX49 #synth #keyboard cool sounds. My son wants to play like #alanwalker! Haha! It’s going to take awhile to explore fully as new keyboards can also hook up to PC via USB for more interesting music creation! Since my #korg #wavestation went kaput, I think this would be a good replacement. (at Yamaha Kelana Jaya)

War Robots October Update

Finally I have played War Robots game for exactly one year after quitting Pokemon. It is probably about quitting time for War Robots as well. During this one year of playing this online multiplayer battle mode, I have seen many changes done by Pixonics in trying to keep the game interesting. Unfortunately more often than not, the changes made the game more difficult and takes the fun out of it.

#kopisusu satu… I said kurang manis… OMG, so much...

#kopisusu satu… I said kurang manis… OMG, so much sweetened creamer at the bottom! (at Santai GROUP of Restaurants)

War Robots Recent May 2018 update, Free-For-All mode & etc

War Robots recently had an update to their game which saw a new game map on a ship carrier, changes to the battle rewards and black market, and a couple of new robots and new weapons. Some of the changes I felt was much improved over the previous offering especially for the black market random chance. I think with the new update, I would have hoped for some improvement on the game balance. There

War Robots - Supply Line Drop, Battle League Rewards and Component Collection

It’s been a month since the War Robots Lunar event was over. Pixonics has made several more changes and introduced more robots and weapons, and they were only available by 10,000 components of their own type. This made it very difficult to obtain and with more and more of these types of robots and weapons, the component collection also becomes more difficult especially in the black market random

War Robots Lunar Event 2018

Chinese New Year would soon be over and so would the War Robot Lunar event. This time round I didn’t want to stress myself out trying to chase those goodies. My previous chasing during the Christmas 2017 event did left me stressed out. The task list was really strenuous to get through and all I could achieved for part 1 was all the way to Orkan level. Leaving me too burnout for part 2, and was

Here’s to a new CNY Lunar New Year 2018

New Year was over and the Chinese Lunar New Year 2 weeks celebration would be over soon! Time really went by quickly and in two shakes of tail, year 2018 would be gone in a flash! Of course I hope to post more blogs but with limited time to do so many things, there probably […]

War Robots Event Task List 2017

December is well into half month, another half month it will be year 2018. I just started playing War Robots in October this year. Already learning the in and outs of the game, more or less. I do know there are many hardcore players out there. Suping up their robots and weaponry & equipment so much that it so difficult to destroy their robots. Sometimes I need to use 3 robots to defeat one of

Anyone wants to adopt kittens and cats? The kittens are growing...

Anyone wants to adopt kittens and cats?

The kittens are growing well and getting playful. #momocat is taking care of them. Will have to get her spayed soon. Cats living in the car park can be quite dangerous for them. Would like to take them back but the household missus just don’t like cats.

Cats make good companions and help reduce stress and reduce heart attacks. Somehow the act of patting them cause your body to release some chemicals or hormone to relax. Natural stress buster! (at Section 14 Petaling Jaya)

#Superheroes and #supervillians wall #collage Saw this in...

#Superheroes and #supervillians wall #collage

Saw this in #bookexcess in #Starlingmall, couldn’t resist taking a shot! (at The Starling)

Herbs for #DryCough from #PekingTongrentang #SS2 This persistent...

Herbs for #DryCough from #PekingTongrentang #SS2

This persistent 100 days dry cough was really irritating. Having got it almost 99% cured, that 1% came back again! This time my whole family went to SS2 Peking Tongrentang, as everyone was having this dry cough for more than 2 months already! Cross infecting each other, making it difficult to get well. Western medicine has it uses, but sometimes Eastern medicine in their holistic approach might be more effective in certain situation.

So here’s a bunch of medicinal herbs which they will boil out the essence to be drunk over the next few days. The taste and smell may be off putting to some, but to me it’s no problemo, having gotten used to herbal soups and drinks since young. In fact the bitter herbal taste was kind of soothing to drink too!

Cheers! (at SS2 / PJ)

War Robots Weapon Collection List

Feeling the power of a weapon blast? Gamers of War Robots would love to blow the opponent mech to bits! Who wouldn't want a go at destroying stuff without actually breaking anything in the house. Consider it a form of stress relieve! Playing the game and maximizing the potential to go dish out damage to your opponent by selecting the available weapons in your inventory list is part of the fun of