Here’s to a new CNY Lunar New Year 2018

New Year was over and the Chinese Lunar New Year 2 weeks celebration would be over soon! Time really went by quickly and in two shakes of tail, year 2018 would be gone in a flash! Of course I hope to post more blogs but with limited time to do so many things, there probably won’t be too many postings.

The month of January swung by pretty fast! It was like there was a frenzy to catch up on all the follow ups on the many inquiries, which hopefully would translate to more sales for my workplace. Read the rest of this entry »

Converting from Astro to NJOI (not so easy)

With the mounting higher rate of inflation due to implementation of GST in April 2015 and terrible weakening of the Ringgit exchange rate from late 2015, I have decided on some austerity exercise to see what expenses I can reduce. Read the rest of this entry »

Porting over from Maxis to U Mobile

Swapping or porting over your telco plan to another such as Maxis to U Mobile can be tedious. Mine was not easy because it was a supplementary plan latched onto my wife’s Maxis principal line. Maxis is still the best telco in West Malaysia having the best LTE/3G internet data coverage as such they do charge a premium for their service. The supplementary line was more for backup as I still have my work line with Maxis. Besides the supplementary at RM30 only has 250MB of internet data was not quite sufficient, so it was time to move over to another telco.

Cyan Nokia Lumia with U mobile SIM card inserting
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Combining multiple RSS feed into one output

Ever since Yahoo Pipes service was shut down, I’ve been looking for a good alternative to merge my various RSS feeds. My website is composed of several sections using WordPress, Google Blogger and Tumblr. I have tried some free services out there but they were never as good as Yahoo Pipes. And without a good monetizing idea, those services too, died in the end. Leaving me in the lurch yet once again. Finally I decided to search out some code that would sit in my own web server and never have to worry about such services shutting down.

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A New Year and looking at ways to reduce expenditure

Time sure flies really fast. I guess the rat race is non-stop. Before you know it, 2 months has already passed since the New Year, including the Chinese New Year celebration! Year 2016 bode some very challenging times ahead for work and personal. And the scandal involving top politicians and their uncaring policy is causing lots of hardship to the day-to-day people.

I could berate about such supercilious politicians who just want to hang on to their position. Reading the daily news just make us feel hapless when those that want to make a change, gets kick about. Sigh! Such is the situation when our beautiful country is heading towards a police like state as one of our former PM said. Read the rest of this entry »

To my faithful friend, Madam Calico Cat

My phone rang this morning, and I felt uneasy to receive such an early call from the veterinary clinic. Alas the news was not a happy one as they informed to say my dear faithful Madam Cat has passed on. It was a blow to me as I was looking forward to have her for at least a few more years.

My Madam Calico Cat, goodbye my dear friend
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My Calico Cat

My calico cat has been with me for six years and six months since February 2009! That makes her about 7-1/2+ years old since she was an adult cat when I took her in way back then (I figure I add another year to account for it). Here’s the post of how my calico cat came into my household. She’s one of the gentlest and a very patient cat. She doesn’t make loud cat meow when she wants food. And she will wait patiently for her cat food to be placed in her meal dish when I have many stuffs to unload from my car whenever I return home.

My calico cat

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Maxis LTE (4G) Speed Test

Since while I was doing some 3G speed test comparison, I may as well did the LTE / 4G speed test from Maxis. However my Nokia Lumia 925 is a Windows Phone, I decided to share the internet connection to my other devices instead of directly testing it. This may produce higher latency as the data signal need to hop from cell towers to a WiFi Hotspot then to my Acer Iconia and Samsung Note phone. Still it was just a rough estimation for the kind of data speed we should be receiving from the telco operators.

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Speed Test: Maxis vs Celcom vs DiGi

I decided once and for all to check telco connection using speed test app. This may not be accurate but gives a fair idea between Maxis vs Celcom vs DiGi. To set it up, I downloaded the Android App: Internet Speed Test by version 1st August 2014 and installed it in my Acer Iconia A501 tablet and Samsung Note II mobile phone.

The telco SIM card package that I used for this test were the Maxis Surfmore 30 postpaid, Celcom XPAX 24 prepaid and DiGi Best Prepaid plans. Other than the information that they provided from their websites, there weren’t much info about their max data internet speed and how they cap and throttle your data connection when large amount of internet data was being shuffled about.

Celcom 3G signal coverage on Acer Iconia A501 screenshot

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TP-LINK TL-ANT2408C Antenna Extending the WiFi Signal

Since my previous project attempting to use aluminum foil to enhance the WiFi signal in my house didn’t bring much fruition, I decided to give this TP-Link TL-ANT2408C antenna to boost my indoor WiFi signal coverage. Read the rest of this entry »

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