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10 minutes to financial freedom

Start A Business in 10 minutes a day

This is interesting. I was reading up the Entrepreneur Magazine and they came up with the concept of breaking your task and planning into ten minutes. Very often we all get overwhelm by the many things we have to do to reach our goal and objectives.

It makes it much harder when we look at the big picture and wonder ‘how on earth am I going to achieve it’ when everything else looks so big? Ever felt feeling small and before you can get going you just want to quit and go back to your comfort zone of worker wages?

I do too. I bet most early would-be entrepreneur startups except for the really hot blooded passionate entrepreneur will feel the whole world has collapse upon him/her. Yes, it is not easy to carry the weight on your shoulder the burden of making sure the small business that you want to start will chug along smoothly.

As most task proponents will tell you, break your big goal into smaller, manageable chunks. For example if you are planning a advertising campaign you need to know and do many things, like contact the advertisement company for a quote, perhaps you need a few to compare their cost and services rendered, then you need the artwork done, whether it is above the line or below the line campaign, etc. So break it out down into task that are more manageable. And some task tend to linear in that if an earlier task was not done, it will bottleneck the next task.

By breaking up the task into smaller more manageable goals, as you take the steps in fulfilling each step, you will get ever closer to completed your goal.

Of course the above is an easy example, because starting and running a small business or a home based business will encompass many more steps. Some of which cannot be done overnight or even be completed in a week, but may run into several weeks or even months. Sometimes it requires you to do a half step. For example if you are looking for a location to set up a store, you finance may not be that strong to set up in the best location, and you will have to settle for a smaller and rather out of the way place until you can muster a better financial position to expand and to move into a better location.

As an added advantage of breaking the task into a series of 10-minute smaller chunks, you make the process simpler, maybe it becomes so easy that you should essentially not be procrastinating from doing it.

So why 10 minutes? Because it is much feasible and you are more incline to do something when it’s likely that you will succeed in doing it. 10 minutes is also easy to find and slot into your busy schedule, you can just about fit it into any time slot. Here are some creative ways to find 10 minutes to start building the business you have always dreamed about.

  1. Try waking up 10 minutes early and use the time as soon as you wake up. But of course if you need to really jumpstart your body system this may not make much sense to you.
  2. if you take public transportation, use the time during your commute to work. If you drive, take 10 minutes in the parking lot before you head to the office, provided to do not arrive late of course. Or if you are traveling salesman, you can take then take 10 minutes in the car before heading back to your office.
  3. Make time for your task while your computer is booting up, especially if you have an old computer that takes ages to come alive!
  4. use anytime you’re on hold on the phone
  5. use the time during commercials of your favourite TV show
  6. When your kids are napping or after they go to bed, spend 10 minutes on a task
  7. Use the time while dinner is cooking
  8. Take 10-minute breaks from watching your kids in the evening – alternate child-care shifts with your spouse

So there you go. My ten cents worth of your ten minutes task to start your own small home business!

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