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About Me

Greetings! I hail from the land of eternal summer, the equatorial tropical land of Malaysia! This is my personal blog journal on just about anything under the bright hot sun of this land and beyond.

There is no specific theme to this personal blog, and I may just write about anything. I have many interest and hobbies and it would be nice to share them to the world.

So here are some of my favourite stuffs:

Techie stuffs like computers, mobiles, websites, software, etc interests me. I’m rather fascinated with computers since my childhood days with my first Apple computer clone. Those days the home PC was still in its infant stage, it was expensive to own one and there wasn’t any internet at that time. Despite its limited capabilities, I still had a lot of fun with it, with friends sharing the same interest. It was then that I learned about programming using Apple BASIC. I didn’t pursue programming much after that as debugging was such a chore! Still it was a good learning experience!

Travel – who don’t like to have vacation and exploration? However, travel do use up much finances. Still I managed to visit quite a lot of places worldwide. Of course the simplest holiday travelling is in your own home country backyard. And there are still enough interesting places to visit and explore.

Photography – back in the old days, we used films and it was very expensive hobby to play around with especially if you were just a student with very limited pocket money. Processing negatives and printing them was just to costly! But now with digital photography, snap away! The only cost now is the photography equipment, especially the lenses! Oh, yeah I have a DSLR. But I take most of my photos with mobile camera as they are always by your side. Even my compact camera is mostly living out its time my camera dry box.

This and that, well there are more interest, maybe too much to devote time for each and every indulgence. Family quality time also is a must to have good healthy family relation.

As for this website of mine, not only do I blog, I also experiment with stuff. You will noticed I have 3 blog sites joined into one. A self-hosted WordPress, Google Blogger and Yahoo! Tumblr meshed together. There is no specific topic on each sub-site, although I did try to separate topics on each subsite once, but in the end I just blog whatever on whichever sub-site when I feel like it.

However I do try to categorize my post for some idea on navigation on the left side of the menu bar, anyway if all fails, you could still use the handy-dandy search box, which I think would be a little quicker for finding any of the posts that I have made.

Hope you enjoy my personal blog, I hope you can find something interesting to read.