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Are you wasting time blogging?

Do you make your own web site or make a blogging web site? What is the purpose of blogging anyway? There is a difference between blogging and building a web site. Blogging is linear, it has no structure while a web site has a pyramid form where people can navigate to find relevant information. In terms of usefulness for people visiting a web site, a proper structured web site would be superior to a blog.

If you plan to make money from blogging, it would require a massive effort. You get some good pages with good incoming links and traffic, but mostly you get lots of bounce pages and for those visitors who linger, most would just read that post that was relevant to what they were searching and off they go. You won’t see them again.

Blogging has very high bounce rate. It is quite common to see 80-90% or more bounce because most of the posts do not fit in to what people are searching for. Once a visitor drop in, and find the whole web site is not quite relevant to what they are searching generally, they would just pop right out again.

How to know what is your bounce rate and etc? Use Google Analytics. It has quite detailed info about your visitors dropping by your web site.

How to make your blog relevant?

When you write a blog post, you gotta ask yourself what is the objective of the post. Would it be a review post, a helpful how-to do something post, or an insightful post regarding your overall web site theme.

And as for my blog? Yeah, I’m wasting some time blogging because many are without direction, but then not quite all the time. Sometimes I hit gold with many incoming traffic (usually for a short while, sort of like a fad), but more often than not, the post just sits there looking pretty. Well a blog about life is a very general blog, and topics that are too general would be quite irrelevant to most people. Anyway, I’m just making this web site for fun. Not serious at all. Serious web site requires proper planning to the structure and layout.

And if you really want to make a web site for profit than check this link out. This is for serious people who want to start an online business. Like a Singapore/Malaysia slang that goes: Not play-play one.

Do you blog or do you build a web site?

One MLM network marketer once told me, always look for the best when you buy a product or service. Then you will always be sure that it will perform at its best. Of course you will have to pay for it, but usually the usefulness, its effectiveness and efficiency is worth the price paid for.

This may be the BMW of all web hosting, but it is more than just that because of its integrated systems as well as detailed instruction on how to succeed online makes it the one of kind for doing an online web business.

If you want free and not expecting to get something in return, just play-play, then this is not for you. If on the other hand looking for something you believe you can achieve something then give this a try.

Do you blog for fun or would you rather build an online web business?

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