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Baby 3 Months Old

Baby is 3 months old, and boy has he grown. He is getting heavier now and carrying him around would surely build up my arm muscles without having to go to the gym! My sis-in-law already complaining about her aching arms, but she sure enjoys carrying him around as do baby too!

Now baby at 3 months old, there are many things me as parent need to watch out for and also other baby development issues.

It’s been a blast for the 90 days, my wife got 90 days maternity off days and of course now she is back to work. Her schedule would be busier and we need to work out a schedule of sending and fetching baby to and from her mom for babysitting. While at the same time she needs to continue expressing milk as that is the best milk for baby.

The baby development chart is just a guide, as per the regular baby centre newsletter that we receive explaining what to expect during each period of baby development. Some baby development starts out earlier and some later.

So let’s see how my baby fares.

At about 6 weeks he was beginning to talk and nowadays when he is in a chirpy mood he would really love to talk and sometimes talk very loudly too! And not just the basic coo sounds, but very interesting syllables. Perhaps baby got a story to tell and we just don’t understand what he is trying to say! And we can recognize the range of vocal sound from happy chirpy to complaints. And to encourage further, we talk to baby as though he understands and when you run out of subjects talking soliloquy (well baby can’t understand anyway, but your tone does give an impression!), just returning baby talk is just as good!

Baby is swinging his arms and legs rather vigorously. Good sign his muscle is developing. However still having lack of coordination at this moment except when he wants to suck his thumb. Baby is still having trouble grabbing on things and holding them, so I just insert my finger or thumb into his palm and he would grab it. Can also serve as play time by twiddling my fingers with baby holding on to it.

As for thumb sucking, some say it is a good thing as it helps to sooth and calms baby, and sometimes I see he loves sucking his thumbs way too much, with or without his mittens! Hope he would grow out of it. Until then if sucking his thumb reduces his crying so be it!

Smiling! Haha, my baby is way ahead! He was smiling since day 1, and he is smiling even more! When he wakes up, when he is chirpy and when you talk to him. Everyone just adores him and that makes him smile even more!

Oh, he such a drool factory, I wonder when the drooling will stop. Perhaps he likes to blow bubble is reason why there is so much drooling. Baby been blowing bubbles since day 1 and he just loves to blow bubble with his saliva. Can’t stop him here for now, just have to wipe off his drool and give him a bandana to collect the excessive saliva.

His sleeping cycle is really great! No waking up in the middle of the night for feeding. Sleeps right through after feeding before sleeping till sometime around six o’clock in the morning for another feeding. Good baby!

No more colic. But he still wants to be carried around just before sleeping. And guess who he goes for that soothing night cap? Me! Good old dad have to carry him up and down for about 15 minutes till he is satisfied or doze off in my arms. Now you see why my arms ache so much!

My wife shows him some flash cards and tells him story. Good for cognitive development, and eye focusing. And at other times while I’m carrying him around I would show him things around the house. Mirrors are interesting too, would help him to recognize his own movement (I hope). So far he likes lights since when he was about 4 weeks old and he still does.

And for the times when we need to have our meal without having to run over to him to entertain him when he is awake, we switched on cartoon network which did keep his interest with all those colourful characters and cartoon noises. I hope he won’t become a TV addict next time!

His neck is getting stronger but still not strong enough to stand on its own. Still got some ways to go. Now is the time for lying in the prone position so that he will start to build up his muscle for lifting his head and eventually his arms should support that movement too. Kinda late on this one because baby don’t really like the prone position. So for the good of future baby development of his muscles strengthening, he will just have to bear with the prone position once in awhile which baby is not feeling comfortable at this moment.

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