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Baby 5 ½ Months Old

My baby is 5½ Old and there are interesting changes. In fact some of the changes are very noticeable week by week. He is learning new expression! I heard him blow raspberries for a few days and then stopped. Next he was screeching with glee! Apparently he learned it from his cousin sister who started the high pitch screech which turn was mimicked by the other two children my mom-in-law was babysitting and in turn was imitated by my baby! Oh, children are so impressionable! You just have to be aware of how you behave as they would pick up your mannerism!

With baby at 5 months old plus, he likes to explore his surroundings and study objects. You could provide them with a toy and he would just study the item intently, fiddling with it and of course put it in his mouth!

Baby day out! Time for some sights, sounds and activities!

According to bay center, baby may also study cause and effect and play a little game of pick them up by dumping objects on the floor and wait for you to pick them up! Well, some of the places that my baby drop them are rather inaccessible like in the car and while in the house the object do drop in places that are difficult to retrieve so we take a little longer to pick them up and the items do need cleaning before passing to baby. Guess he knows he won’t be able to play with the items for a longer while and he drop the items less often!

Now is the time to introduce baby some music. Hopefully he will develop an appreciation for music. I heard from a relative that some music school has music program for children from six months onwards. I think it is a waste of monetary resources as they are far too young to learn anything. Since I do know how to play the piano, it was time to dust off my piano book and start playing the piano once again! It’s been a long while since I bang on the piano; my fingers are rather stiff and the playing rather rusty. Placing baby next to me, I played pieces that were my favourites and still manage something decent. I think I should do ok with more practice! As for baby, he just sits, listen and watch me play. I wonder if the piano is too loud for him.

Nothing like the joy of laughter! Some expression amuses him. Especially when he is in a jovial mood. Pickaboos, singing, and playing sudden hellos really make baby laugh with joy! He gets rather vigorous with his legs kicking whenever he laughs! Must hold him real tight while carrying him!

Baby plays the piano!Finally my baby was able to roll over to prone position, but not roll back! I was trying to show baby to tuck back his hands to roll back but apparently he didn’t catch the idea. He just spread out his hands when he was in the prone position, and that create a wider base which makes it very difficult to roll towards his back! We’ll just have to let him figure that out. His arms are getting stronger doing pushups whenever he rolls to the front. I think it is rather strenuous as he worked up quite sweat. And when he tires, he will make a lot of complaint! Time to roll him back! Baby, you just going to have to find out how to roll on to your back!

On outings, well it is baby day out! Time to head out to the shopping malls! We have to pack up quite a fair bit of baby stuffs that come with the territory I suppose. I notice baby is engrossed with all the sights and sounds and activities going all around him. And when he gets tired, he wants to remain awake even though he needs to take a nap! The sights, sounds and activities going on around him just fascinate him so! By the end of the day, he would really be fatigue and he would drop into a deep slumber! Good for him! Sweet dreams!

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