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Back to work

After a nice long year end break is back to the grind again. Back to facing unpleasant situation, demanding customers, not very competitive products, sheeesh…! But I guess this early week will be quiet a bit as the business slowly picks up. Already things leftover from the few days before new year is beginning to rear its ugly head.

Follow up matters, rushing for shipment, cold calling, budget matters… I see a headache coming up, can’t even take MC for this ailment. Wouldn’t be good either. Problem still there.

Right, have to put on those thinking caps of mine to sort it out. Phew, it is such an emotional draining affair, that after awhile you’ll just stop pushing yourself to achieve more. Sometimes, I start to think, “what’s the point?” after solving it, it will just come back again to trouble you in one form or another.

I guess the structure of doing business in this company is changing, and the demands placed on me will get heavier and heavier. To develop new business with cold calling really demands a person with a very “thick skin”. But if Donald Trump philosophy is anything to go by, those that think big and take bigger risk tend to get higher returns and better rewards.

Ok. But I will still end up working for people though, and making money for other people. Should also consider how to come out of the comfort zone and start own business and make money for oneself. It’s a kind of dare to fail, dare to win motto.

Ah, well… keep thinking and trying.

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