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Bloggers are liars? Not!

Bloggers are liars?

With the looming elections coming, a lot has been circulated. But this comment by Tengku Adnan is particular irksome. How could he make such generalization? Bloggers are liars and they cheat and unemployed? Maybe I should say all Malaysian politician are liars, and how would that go? Some people just shoot from the hip and never think with their head. In that case better he retire from politics before he made anymore inane remarks.

I’m not unemployed. The facts written here true. People has used what was written here to solve problems. As a guide to travel to places, for info about health fitness, for gadget reviews and other how-to, and other informational blogs.

I think enough is enough. The current ruling government has taken too much self-interest and has not given back enough for the Rakyat be it Malays, Chinese, Indians and other denominations. Corruption is everywhere, free speech is held back and the country’s economy is floundering while the neighbouring countries are flourishing. Something is not right.

Let’s vote for change.

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