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It’s interesting to blog, maybe because you can get a little fame? Everybody ones to be somebody. Keeping a low profile seldom gets one anywhere. Unless one is a mafia and wish remain invisible, even then, they too have their own source of networks.

Me? I’m just trying to promote my website Cameron Highlands Destination Cuti Cuti Malaysia as a page where one can find good info about travelling in this place. Still trying to get more traffic, just like those retailers, where traffic means more sales potential. Being an infopreneur is no easy task. But I guess I just do it as a hobby for now. Who knows? Hobbies has a tendency to become full blown income earning jobs.

Better to have fun working on something you like then to work in a humdrum day to day job with no passion and interest. Hey, it still pays the bills, so I can’t complain. But still hope to look out for something better in life, don’t you think so?

That’s where rel=”nofollow”>Site sell it comes in. To give a person something to look forward to, and to work on something that one enjoys doing so. Is it too much to ask for?

It’s already 6 months and website traffic is coming along fine, though slow going, I guess it is the tortoise that gets to the finishing line.

Persistence, persistence, persistence! yeah! Gambatte kudasai! Keep your spirits up man! No easy feat, but have to motivate oneself to keep going strong!

Another site? ‘been thinking about it. Set up a blog about my travels in Malaysia, afterall I’m here, and with a handy camera I could capture many picture photos of Malaysian scenery. So why not blog about it? Ah, let’s go cuti-cuti Malaysian then!

Still fixing the template though. No expert at CSS, but luckily I’m tech savvy enough to understand it a little and customizing for my own use. Spouse not so happy about the time and effort I put in to my website. But I have been quite gadget crazy, and still am, fiddling with bits of computer stuffs. Got lots of obsolete stuff too. A bit too sentimental to throw it out. But I guess eventually I have too, ’cause they are quite a clutter and have abosutely no value anyway.

Not easy to keep the house neat, but useless junk has got to be thrown out! Spring clean the house, and spring clean your soul does good once in awhile. Nice and neat like a Zen garden. Peace and calm.


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