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Bluehost finally agreed there was something wrong with the web server

The current server that my web hosting account residing in Bluehost seem to be in constant unusual heavy loads. I have experience frequent downtime whenever I needed to access my WordPress websites blog or do some exploring or testing some bits of web site feature. It was getting rather frustrating and I was even contemplating shifting my account somewhere else. But that would lose out some of the many splendid features of Bluehost.

One of the main things to consider when you make your own web site is that the web hosting account should be as much as possible consistently up and running 99.99%. A web site that is down frequently will frustrate both you and your visitors. Similarly a slow web site also do not go well with visitors except for the most patient which are rather rare in this day of internet age.

So after another round of downtime, I made another ticket to the support to request them to find out why the current web server that my account was hosted has become offline. They tried to pinpoint the cause, and could not really find out the reason except to perhaps check whose account the culprit was using up a big chunk of the web server resources. This would take them some time to find out as there was a many a 1,000 accounts sharing in one web server box. And just my luck the current server box that my account is residing in was having frequent outage. My bro-in-law Bluehost account never experienced any such server downtime outages. Whenever it goes down, I will check the server status for both, and mine was down, while his was up.

So finally in the end the Bluehost support team decided to acquiescence to my request and made plans to shift my account to another web server box. The planned migration will be on this Wednesday, 11 March. So during that time, my web site will be offline as the transfer all the contents to another web server box and at the same time some time will be required for the new DNS to propagate around the World Wide Web before eventually taking into effect.

Better to suffer a short downtime for awhile and migrate another server box that hopefully has a less server load than one that has frequent outage. Hopefully this will solve the situation and hopefully less downtime on the web site.

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