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Bug Safari VBS

Sure, I could only spare one day for this awesome event for the children (after all, I need to work). I could see the children and the youth had a very good time running this event. There were songs and music, funny entertaining sketches, crafts, story telling and outdoor games. Tell me which child wasn’t excited?

It took a lot of preparation and lots of work organizing it. Kudos to those put in lots of effort (I couldn’t spare as much but did chip my help wherever I could). At the end of the three days event, the children (helpers included) couldn’t believe it was all over and they wanted more! They made new friends, learned new things, and did so many things only us adults gave a sigh of relieve when it was all over. But for the little ones, nope, they want more, more, MORE!

So here’s a quick video highlighting the various fun, entertaining and educating activities.

6 thoughts on “Bug Safari VBS”

  1. Heya do you know if your church still has the chadder video for bug safari and would be willing to sell it or loan it to me?

  2. Thank you for blogging aboout your VBS! We are a small church doing Bug Safari for the first time. I am missing quite a lot of information from the tin of stuff that was left in a shed. I need information on the daily games and snacks. Do you have or remember any of these?
    Rev. Linette Ballew

  3. Dear Rev. Linette Ballew,
    Bug Safari, the preparation or rather the decoration took up the most effort! I was only part of the team and my job was to take pictures and videos (apart from the decoration which all of us rather not do again because of the amount of work to cut out those little insects!)
    Normally when you buy the VBS program the pack they come with games and snacks suggestion that will tie in with the theme of VBS. You need not follow it because of difficulty with the location or buying the items. For example our recent Power Lab VBS we decided not to do some of the lab experiments because it will mess up the church hall and nobody wants to clean up after the mess. So what you need to do is to get everyone involved and have a brainstorming session and come up with ideas that will fit into the theme that is still within budget (ie cheap), that won’t mess up the church and still let the children have fun (and of course learn something out of it) and still convey the message of the theme.
    By the way, you will need a lot of helpers to control the children as they have so much energy!
    Good luck!

  4. Dear Jan, I found your comments on the internet while I was searching for VBS supplies. My husband is the minister of two tiny UMC churches in NJ. I am trying to put together the necessary items for VBS next year and would like to do Bug Safari. I was wondering if your church has any leftover items you could donate to our cause or maybe sell to us at a reduced cost. We don’t have enough money for a VBS budget so I do it out of my own pocket. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Deanna Craig

    1. The decorations could be found inexpensively from your own garden, nearby parks. Lots of work required gathering and decorating it, but they are free! You could create your own insects using Manila cardboards. That’s what we did. But it was long and tedious work!

      There is no way we can send it over to you as the cost of delivery would be too expensive (not to mention custom problem for sending untreated wood from our jungles). Besides, the leaves and branches would have rot by now, so it was all thrown away. The insects cardboard are all thrown away.

      Use the above idea. You will need manpower so do recruit many to do it!
      Good luck!

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