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Building a new website

Starting a new website from scratch is not so easy, especially if one has not done it before! Previously I was using the SiteSell which provided many tools and features to start a website without requiring much knowledge. But I find that I needed more control as to how a website should be designed and managed. So on starting this new website with a new theme, I’m like a complete newbie. Even now I’m still scratching my head as to how to incorporate and implement an opt-in newsletter.

Well, one has to start somewhere, and just like starting out in your working life in a new company, even though you may have some skills which may have learned from your tertiary education or a previous employment engagement, you are still a complete stranger to the new office environment.

Yes, the unfamiliarity does give it an air of excitement as you embark on a new journey in unfamiliar territory, like an adventurer embarking on his expedition to an as yet uncharted region. And yet, you find you will need to almost immediately start performing because your new employment requires you to do your job, because that is what they have hired you out to do.

Hey you may say this website is after all your own, you don’t have to answer to any boss breathing down your neck! But as a person who wants to achieve his potential and success, one cannot be laid back. Time and money has been invested to do surveys and research. And the venture does seem to have some good potential for returns. Therefore one will have to push oneself or it will lead to nowhere like a boat without its sail to be buffet by the ocean waves going where fate may lead.

No, the destiny is in your hand. You take the calculated risk and go off the beaten path, where others may fear to tread for lack of courage, and lack of will. If you don’t take charge then others will; then you will always find yourself under the shadow of superiors who will be commanding you to do their task whether you like or not.

Yes, I was one of them too. Too contented and living in the comfort zone of not striking out and leading the way. No more. From now on, I will seek out every possible opportunity that is within my means, and most of all to do things that one has a passion and interest. Once can go far if one can find the right fit. Seek it and opportunity will find you. Strange as it may seem, but that’s the strange world of success operated. When you don’t take action, opportunity avoids you. But when you are ready to commit your thoughts and action to it, opportunity just seems to come your way.

Enough of my ramblings for today. Much work still needs to be done to make this website some resemblance to a useful site for people needing ideas and motivation.

And I shall leave this to any reader who may come by these early beginnings of a website:

“The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT making a living at doing what they most enjoy.”

– Malcolm S. Forbes. (1919-1990)

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