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Busy December Month!

Phewy! December was such a busy month! It was like almost every night I had to go to church for Christmas presentation,  some prayer meetings,  and some weeks had to prepare songs for Sunday praise and worship leading, visit some friends who given birth to healthy baby girl, dinner with friends and family. No wonder I got stressed out and got sick. Almost lost my voice with an itchy dry cough, that is only now recovering. Had to give up PW leading for awhile and let my throat recover.

Didn’t really get a chance to visit the shopping malls till Christmas.  We were that busy!

Shopping malls were full of decoration and I finally managed to write up one article about Christmas, with a tie piece about Kellie’s Castle.

Well I’m taking some leave and making my way up to Cameron Highlands again! I think this year I made the most trip up. Well I enjoy the place, but I’m also trying to get materials for my website so that I can keep building more and more pages! Ranking is going up, and traffic is building too. I just hope it is not because of the holiday season and that the web traffic can be continuosly increase. Ah, them the breaks for anxiety of being a new webmaster. Will have to clean up the links page sometime soon, it is getting kind of crowded there.  Still keep going! Gambatte kudasai!

My first cheque seems to be in limbo, boy does it takes such a long time for the cheque to clear. Hey, how can one rely on this to survive if it ever becomes big and full time?

Just adding some links here and see what happens, after all the more links to my website, the more relevance it is to the search engine spiders.

Cameron Highlands Homepage
Getting There
Hotels List
Tanah Rata
Tea Plantation
Jungle Walks and Trails
Jungle Path List
Climate Weather
Farms and Markets
Photo Gallery

Cheerio and wishing anybody who is reading my blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PS: Actually it was not good to web spam. Unfortunately I found out much later, since I was just a newbie at that time… oh well.

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