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Cameron Highlands Links Exchange Pages

Took me awhile to sort out my Cameron Highlands Link Pages. It was getting pretty crowded and messy. At first I thought of using sub-categories for each location based on continent. After sorting through the links, I didn’t have that many differing countries to categorize them. In addition, some are not even related to travel.

I gave the link pages some thought for awhile, putting off making the web pages while doing my other work. Then it dawn on me that some websites just list them without categorizing it anyway. And those that tried to categorize it ended up pretty messy. Well, I opted for a simple list by grouping them into Malaysian travel and related links, world travel links, and various other links.

And this was what I came up with:

    Links Pages

  • Malaysia Travel Guide
  • World Travel Guide 01
  • World Travel Guide 02
  • World Travel Guide 03
  • World Travel Guide 04
  • Various Links Exchanges

I think that should do it. Making up the pages took me whole day long hacking at the codes and layout of the webpages. Overall, I think it looked alright. I think I may need to redo my Links Exchange Page as well and put in some details of how to list my Cameron Highlands page on other website links pages. Looks like more hacking on my pages.

Hmmm…, I should be writing more articles then tweaking the Cameron Highlands webpage, considering that I have collected much research material. Ah, the bane of all writers: the writers’ block! Always wasting time doing other things but not doing the things that needs to be done.

I guess the only way to overcome it is to ‘just do it’!
Procrastination is such a terrible thing.

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