Cash and Carry Jumble Sale

Cash and Carry Jumble Sale tent setup

I was pretty much conked off after my sales trip to Johor. Long distance driving to say the least was very tiring. Nevertheless I still managed to pull myself out from the bed after alarms went off and my wife called me on the phone to come over quickly for help to carry the goods over from the church to the SS14 field in Subang Jaya.

Huff and puff, preparing the balloons for decorating the tentI think my help wasn’t quite necessary considering they had many helpers to carry the stuff over. My wife’s Toyota Wish was quite useful though they managed to stuff in most of stuffs in the church van. With so many volunteers the many hands made short work of loading and unloading the goods.

Even before the actual time commenced already some people was dropping over to scrounge through the items looking for any particular item they could fancy. I didn’t want to hang around after having offloaded the stuff as I hadn’t had my breakfast, and it was lunch time already.

Cash and Carry Jumble Sale, who’s the boss?Cash and Carry Jumble Sale, sale, sale!My wife came back a little later and said that the response was quite good, but felt that the items were priced too low. Anyway, I hope with the good response many of the items could be quickly sold off, at least to get some quick funds to start off the accumulation of the Church Building Fund. Let’s hope the sales would be quickly done before it rained as it was prone to do so lately.

Cash and Carry Jumble Sale, everything must go!
SS14 Subang Jaya Carnival

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2 thoughts on “Cash and Carry Jumble Sale”

  1. Hi,

    I hope it’s alright if I share with you on another Jumble Sale. Thanks!

    @ 9 JALAN PJS 7/7J
    10 & 11 JAN 2009
    10AM TO 6PM

    Men’s/Women’s/Children’s clothes
    Baju Melayu/Kurung,Pants, Blouse, shirts,
    t-shirts, jeans etc

    Household items
    Comforter, curtains, bed sheets, ironing board, dustbin, plastic chair, bicycle, garden hose, carpet etc.



    Teak coffee table, teak chair, cupboard


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