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Casper’s Bath Day

Fuzzy fur after the bath. Boy does Casper not like taking bath at all!I suppose all cats hate bath. Mine is no different, but I do need to give him a shower once in awhile at least to clean him up a bit, and wash off any potential ticks or fleas. Considering that he likes to roam around the neighbourhood a lot.

With the hot weather today, it seems like a good idea. After one of his afternoon romp, I took him into the bathroom and showered him as usual. Nope, he didn’t like it one bit as usual, but it was necessary. And I think he hated it even more when I toweled him dry. He made lots of growling noise and tried to run away from me. Just needed to dry him a little and he can lick dry the rest by himself.

With the hot sunshine, I put him out on the front porch. With the hot sunshine combined with his licking, I guess he would dry in no time. Guess what, even before he was dry, he decided to go gallivanting around already! No amount of calling him would get him back!

Oh well, hope he won’t soil himself unnecessarily otherwise another shower when he gets back!

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