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Cure for Cancer? Alternate/Nutrition/Complimentary Medicine

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Thanks for the virtual candle vigil. Let me share this.

My bro-in-law was diagnose cancer (nasal area, cannot operate). After study the current radio/chemo therapy methods; conclusion this method is dangerous, expensive and survival rate very low (3-7%). Now going for alternate medicine/nutrition medicine way. So far he has been going on this method for 2-3 months. So far he looks healthier, lost weight (he was very fat, so those who want to lose weight healthy way try this!). Will go for MRI scan later (6 months later) to reconfirm effectiveness. Also heard many people survived through this method.

This method requires very strict discipline and involves change of eating habit/lifestyle. Not many people can follow this way. We all can follow it to a certain extend or all the way if we want to for health and prevention. (more…)

Reboiling water is harmful?

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

="Kettle jug for boiling water" style="float:left; margin:5px"/>I received an email from my sis-in-law about a newspaper article saying that reboiling water is harmful. Being a bit dubious about this, a quick check in the net, I found out why reboiling water may be harmful and why it is not as harmful as one thought, why it is not harmful at all and that one should shoot the editor who never check out his sources before regurgitating information and publishing it on national newspaper. (more…)