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Looking for an alternative income generation after Chinese New Year?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Looks like CNY is just around the corner. Almost everybody is winding up their businesses especially factory production. With the looming gloomy economic climate, many factories has taken this opportunity to extend the CNY holiday for a week or more in an effort to reduce production overhead cost. Some has even decided to cut employees salary as a move to reduce expenses. Though family reunion dinner celebration is a must, it looks like a mixture of “glad to be still alive but have to tighten belt” to face an uncertain future.

It is unfortunate the world economy has to centre itself on the biggest consumer market namely the USA. Whenever their economy goes down, so does the whole wide world. The cycle of wax and wane of the world economy has a very predictable pattern which no one seems to bother except the academics. It roughly follows a 10 to 11 years of boom and bust cycle. Some scientist even wonders whether it has something to do with the solar cycle activities which also follows a 10-11 year cycle. Strange coincidence indeed. The world’s economy is like a bubble, it just need a flashpoint to trigger it and the house of cards would just come tumbling down. (more…)

Electricity or Energy Power Saving Device – does it work?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Here’s an interesting post in the BU4 community forum about electricity / energy power saving device. I have come across people selling these so called energy saving devices but was not sure of its effectiveness. With the escalating price of petroleum leading to higher cost of using electricity, we can be quite tempted to buy or install some device that would somehow reduce our electric bill. However these devices are over hyped and this is one myth worth busting.

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