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Bukit Jalil Condo current condition for rental

More hiccups! I would have hoped to have completed all the fixture installation. But unfortunately, the power driller belonging to my electrician, Alan, broke down. There was nothing much he could do without his tools. He did manage to install some of the items like water shower heater, air-conditioner before the power tool finally gave up on him.

Looks like I may have to take one day off from office during the week day to complete the installation of the condo.

Even as I sit here in the new condo tapping at this blog with the laptop that I borrowed from wife, I wonder how soon I can finally say that the condo is ready and start collecting rental income from potential tenants.

As day by day goes by, I guess it will be getting closer to completion, and hopefully a good price for the effort and money sunk into this project.

I did a quick rundown on the cost and figures, the returns doesn’t seem to be much considering the amount of effort and money put in. I guess the inherent risk of using property rental as a second income source requires a real hard look at the potential returns ROI and the amount of investment capital.

Well, what’s done is done, just had to keep on soldiering on and see whether there will be any good returns out from it!

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