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How crooks do their phising for credit card details

I received a suspicious phone call. A man claimed to be calling from HSBC saying that as a prompt paymaster I will receive a platinum card and a welcome booklet that will enhance my credit card experience. So I said ok. And he proceeded to ask for my HSBC number and expiry date.

The way he asked was very strange when he said, “Your card number starts with xxxx-xxxx…” and then trail off so that you tell him the balance 8 digit. Then he asked for your expiry date. Then he will ask whether you have signed your card behind for security and proceeded to verify your credit card number of (which I’ve given to him earlier) at the back of your card. So I followed his instructions until the point where he asked for the last three digit number, which of course I asked him why he wants to know my last three digit number? He asked again one more time for the number which of course I refused and the line was suddenly cut off. Very, very suspicious.

I called up HSBC and they informed that it was a suspicious phone call and that HSBC will never ever ask for your last 3 digit CVC number. Remember that! HSBC assured me that without the CVC numbers the credit card details that the person phised from me is totally useless.

Now do note that the last 3 digit after your normal credit card number is the CVC number required for internet transaction. Without these 3 digits, nobody can use your credit card number for online transaction. So never reveal them.

Be warned that such kinds of call exist!

I happen to bump into some blog and found similar modus operandi in USA. So looks like the same trick is being applied here in Malaysia too. So do be careful wherever you are in the world. If they start asking you for details, ask them back to provide you the info. If they are supposedly working in the bank they can easily access your details in their PC, why ask you about it?

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