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Cure for Boils

I found an interesting cure for boils and have been using it ever since I discovered its effectiveness. Really hate boils especially when it forms in the crevice of your butt or on the surface of your butt where you need to sit (and sleep too if you like me, likes to lie on the back)! The constant rubbing causes additional aggravation to the boil and makes for a very uncomfortable feeling. It is much worse when the sore is getting bigger and becoming more unbearable.

I get boils whenever there is stressful situation and living in the tropics, tend to perspire more. Certain areas of your body tend to be damp with sweat and grime and those are ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. And when your sweat pores get block, that’s when the inflammation starts.

Previously I just use a simple antiseptic, but this are wholly ineffective as the anti-bacteria properties are not strong enough. Besides, a boil in your butt is not easy to cure due to all that sitting and additional aggravation! And when the inflammation becomes pretty bad, I ended up in the doctor’s office with a round of antibiotics and some antiseptic cream. Which may or may not be effective.

Then one day a bright idea! After all, boils are caused by bacteria. And my wife did get mouth ulcers frequently. So why not use the mouth ulcer cream which is far more stronger as a bacteria busting medicine? And another thought also crossed my mind, those pimple cream could be just as effective too, after all boils do look similar like zits. They are both also caused by bacteria. Whether they are of similar strain or not, it doesn’t matter to me. My sole objective was to bust them down as quickly as possible before they enlarge enough to cause too much discomfort.

In order to work well and fast, you must treat the boil the moment they appear. If you wait till the inflammation is bigger before you take action, then it will take longer to cure the boil.

Here’s what you will need

  • Mouth ulcer cream – Bonjela
  • Band-aid plaster
  • Any other antiseptics / pimple cream for extra germ busting effect

You may want to mix a cocktail of pimple cream and mouth ulcer cream for a stronger boil busting effect. The mouth ulcer cream that I use is Bonjela. Bonjela is great too as it has a cooling effect as well and provides a good relief from the soreness. After applying, get a band-aid strip and seal it in so that the cream won’t get rub off from your clothing and thus enhance the effectiveness of the medicine. You may need your spouse to help put the band-aid on as you can’t really see your own butt to place it in on target!

This should do the trick, and the boil should subside in a couple of days. You need to be diligent to apply it about twice a day. After a bath would be good time to apply the medicine as you would have wash off your sweat and clean up your skin.

You can try other medicine like Nixoderm, or apply a cocktail of Bonjela + Nixoderm, or Bonjela + other antiseptics. Just using Bonjela is still as effective. Anything that is rather strong for killing bacteria should cure the boil.

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