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Cure for Cancer? Alternate/Nutrition/Complimentary Medicine

Thanks for the virtual candle vigil. Let me share this.

My bro-in-law was diagnose cancer (nasal area, cannot operate). After study the current radio/chemo therapy methods; conclusion this method is dangerous, expensive and survival rate very low (3-7%). Now going for alternate medicine/nutrition medicine way. So far he has been going on this method for 2-3 months. So far he looks healthier, lost weight (he was very fat, so those who want to lose weight healthy way try this!). Will go for MRI scan later (6 months later) to reconfirm effectiveness. Also heard many people survived through this method.

This method requires very strict discipline and involves change of eating habit/lifestyle. Not many people can follow this way. We all can follow it to a certain extend or all the way if we want to for health and prevention.

  1. Cancer thrives on sugar (cancer consume 5 times the glucose requirement compared with ordinary cells) and salt. So none of these (for us non-cancer, maybe very much less of it)
  2. Because no sugar it means cannot take rice, noodles, cakes, bread, and any food that contain carbohydrate/sugar. Many fruits also have to sugar (fructose + glucose) avoid eg papaya, water melon, because they are sweet and thus contain sugar.
  3. No eating Meat esp. Red meat cannot eat. Ie no beef, no pork, no chicken. Fish ok.
  4. Vegetables – eat a lots of these and as raw as possible
  5. Try to change body composition from acidic to alkali. That means drinking alkali water (only two machine in the market one made by Panasonic, the other from Korea, I think called Melody.)
  6. Alkali water machine is expensive, so cheaper way to drink alkali water is to squeeze some lemon into water before drinking. Strangely when lemon water absorb into body it will become alkali.
  7. Needs lots of supplements. Anti-oxidants especially. Good brands are not cheap but are more effective. Usana Health Science supplements, New Life, Amway (the expensive one, not the cheapo one), etc. Usually the good ones are from MLM direct marketing. To know good or not, go to MPH and buy a book about supplements as tested in USA. You can see most off the shelf supplements sold in pharmacy don’t make the grade.
  8. Be happy. Good mood produce good chemical in brain which is good for body. That’s why stress is bad.
  9. Exercise. Cancer don’t like oxygen. They are anaerobic in nature.
  10. Pray to God. By all means, prayer is good. It is already proven based on studies/research. Scientist don’t know why it works, but we all know why it works, right?

There are more detailed rules. Like which vegetables is good for what, what kind food can take, cannot take, and what kind of fish can eat (just learned this, imported fish to Malaysia especially big size ones should avoid cause they pump it with carbide chemical (same as battery) to preserve it for the long journey).

The above food diet is not easy to follow. For cancer diagnose person, they have no choice but to follow. About 70% of cancer diagnose survived from following above diet. 30% failed (and died) because they couldn’t follow it. For the rest of us, we can be less strict but of course if we follow the above as much possible would be better.

This is like following the Holy Bible, Daniel diet (Daniel and friends became healthier, mind sharper by following a strict vegetarian diet), and including old Testament Leveticus section. Jews don’t eat pork and many other food deemed bad (Muslim don’t eat pork, they followed the Jew’s food rule (since Quran followed old testament. They have Abraham and Jesus mentioned inside Quran, and the strangest thing was, after the apocalypse, Jesus will Judge not only Christians, but also Muslims! Go figure. It was mentioned in the Quran, not me.) But in Leveticus of the Holy Bible, it was mentioned that there are also many other food category to avoid. If I tell you, you will “pengsan” because we all like to eat them!). So now we know why.

In older Biblical times, it was common for people to live long, very long. 600-800 years. Sounds crazy. But apparently archaeological findings prove it to be correct. Some inscription on some ancient cities that good ol’ Indiana Jones type people found and excavate that during a certain period there were many people who very lived long into hundreds of years. Then after that civilization collapse, the people begin to have shorter lifespan. Our current average is 72 years. Although this info is not published into mainstream media, but I’m sure if you dig around this kind of info you can find the evidence. So whatever rules that was mentioned in the Holy Bible it was mentioned there for a good reason.

The top killer disease in Malaysia is:
1) Heart problems
2) Cancer
3) Diabetes

All the above are lifestyle killer. Change your diet, your lifestyle and you can live longer and healthier. Saves money too from visiting hospital. But don’t forget to get Medical Insurance just in case. Just to give you some idea since suddenly got so many family members ending up in hospital. Also thank God they sign up for medical insurance.

Any of the private hospital bill in Malaysia will end up easily about RM1000 per day. If any person get sick and need say 5 days hospitalization, that’s about RM5000! My niece ended in Damansara Hospital for high fever from Chicken Pox. Imagine that! Prudential Insurance Company didn’t want to pay the hospital bill. But it was very dangerous for 4 month old baby to contract chicken pox because of high fever and other complications; so after argument with insurance company they agreed to pay). The baby stayed for 7 days and the bill? RM7000+.

My father-in-law ended up in SJMC (now SDMC) several years ago, for an ailment that even the doctors cannot diagnose and identify just for one night it cost RM1600+! For one night! And they don’t even know what caused the stomach pain! And the most cut throat thing was, my wife made a 10 minute call by phone to doctor just to ask how her father was, SJMC go and charge RM300 for this stupid phone call! Make my wife and I hopping mad. This bill we had no choice but to pay ourselves because senior people cannot get medical insurance.

So remember to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Question: Do you live to eat, or eat to live?


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  1. answer: i eat to live so that i can live to eat.
    [btw,i’m typing this in Opera browser and i can highlight already. u removed the code?]

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