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Exit Junction Review

It is always nice to have some side income while blogging. And Exit Junction is another alternate affiliate program just for that. Exit Junction works a little differently compared with the other advertisement program that you see plastered around my website.

I came across this while browsing online and it looks intriguing and decided to sign up and give it a try.

Exit Junction LogoHow Exit Junction works is that by place the little affiliate code just before the closing </body> tag, whenever a visitor drop by your website via search and decided to click the back key an advertisement will pop up.

As far as Google Adsense program goes, Google has no qualms for the webmaster to use various monetizing schemes when you make your own website. As you can see on my website of the various monetizing scheme. Normally it is not advisable to plaster your website and clutter it with ads as that provide a poor user experience. However I would like to see which of this affiliate program would provide the better returns and so far Adsense is winning.

After plugging in the Exit Junction code, I gave it a try by back tracking from search, but didn’t seem to work for me. I tried it with the various browsers like Internet Explorer, the most widely used default browser for Windows, on Firefox an IE contender, Chrome and Opera. But I didn’t get any pop-up from the back key. No matter, I left it there and see how it will go.

It is now Sep’10, three months down the line since I first plug it in July’10, suddenly my Kapersky Anti-Virus gave me a warning when I entered my own website that it detected a Trojan Virus downloader.

Do you think an income generator like Exit Junction would purposely ruin its reputation by doing something bad as downloading a Trojan virus? Looking at the warning carefully:

HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic (Kaspersky Lab) is also known as:
Trojan: VBS/Psyme (McAfee)
Trojan.Agent-146056 (ClamAV)
ProgramFilesDir/foxdown.jse <<< HTML/ADODB.Exploit.Gen (AVIRA)

I noticed it was detected due to Heuristic, ie based on the nature of how the JavaScript works causing the anti-virus to trigger it as it was not able to correctly identify. So just to be on the safe side, Kapersky will trigger a warning even though it may mean a false positive.

Checking on my Exit Junction account, the takings so far for the last 3 months were quite miserly, from the 1132 impressions I got 72 click through which translate to about 6.36% which was not too bad on the click through. However in terms of total earnings it was just small return of $0.46.

Exit Junction Earnings

So the wise choice was to unplug Exit Junction to avoid future misunderstand from visitors dropping into my website and getting a Trojan Downloader Virus warning. Just for note, I’m using TrendMicro on my office and McAfee Anti-Virus on my laptop, and these two did not trigger any false positive, only my Kapersky Anti-Virus triggered it. So just to be safe better not to use Exit Junction for now until they recode it to avoid triggering a false positive which potentially may scare away visitors who are using Kapersky Anti-Virus or other Anti-Virus software that might trigger a false positive.

If you are not afraid about triggering an anti-virus warning with Exit Junction affiliate program you could go ahead and give it a try. But judging from the returns it is not sufficiently high enough to warrant including it as part of your monetizing program for your website.

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