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Father’s Day Presentation in Grace Assembly USJ Church

The recent presentation for Father’s Day in Grace Assembly USJ Church video was a lot of fun for everybody. The Fathers decided to take over the praise worship for Sunday morning service. And after that, did a presentation (with the the help of the Mothers) as a tribute to Fathers!

My wife commented that the worship was done so passionately that the men should be roped in for more future praise worship for Sunday morning service. Hopefully it will go that way.

Anyway, for the presentation, Patrick said that they practiced for two Saturdays and in the morning just prior to the Sunday service, they practiced another round. Practice indeed makes perfect. It was lively, fun and jovial. Similar like what the Mother’s Day presentation last when all the Father’s sang a surprised song tribute for the Mothers in May last month. Wish I did a full recording for the Mother’s day presentation, I only got half of it when the thought came up to do a video recording. Ryan Foong did manage to capture the Mother’s Day presentation though.

And this time, the youth also got into the act with their funny sketch and of course not to forget a simple song presentation for the Fathers as well.

Happy Father’s Day!


Father's Day Line Up

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  1. u reli nid to moce slower n b more steady
    smoothen urself la
    i’ll upload the hi tea pics n vid den u add to ur playlist or wad la

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