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Finally found cure for dry cough

This persistent dry cough has been ongoing for almost a month now. I’m rather tired of it especially during the night when I need to sleep; it will come disturbing my night’s rest with a terrible bout of hacking cough!

Chinese medicinal herbs

I have tried so many things from antitusives, cough tablets, even visited the doctor’s twice. If there was any effect it was rather minimal. The first doctor prescribe antibiotics but that didn’t do any good. Probably made the bacteria stronger since it didn’t reduce the inflammation in my throat. The second doctor reckon it was viral, gave some medicine to control the symptoms. Since there are actually no cure for virus infection. Just prescribing medicine to alleviate the symptoms so that your body can have an easier time fighting off the infection.

I tried some Chinese herbal ginseng because the Chinese Medical Hall shop reckon it was a cold cough. It was really effective but could have helped ease a little of the cough. After about 10 days, I decided to give the Chinese herbs another go, but this time the Herbalist said the cough could have turned from cold to heaty. And gave me a different set of Chinese herbal preparation.

Name and ingredients of Chinese medicinal herbs for dry cough

The preparation was not as easy as the earlier one. It requires an hour of simmering fire to boil the essence out of the herbs. Using six bowls of water, the boiling process would evaporate the water to a quantity of one bowl. The first time I did it, it was not done correctly as I should have left a gap in the pot cover to let the steam out. Despite the error, the herbal drink had some effect. So I decided to give it a second and bought a second pack to try. This time round the boiling process was a success and I got the slightly bitter and sweet concoction quantity right.

The herbal drink seemed to do the trick because the next day the coughing bout became less severe. Though on some occasion I still get a bad loud cough from a dry throat. I think I finally found something that helped ease the persistent dry cough. Although I’m still not quite well yet, it was much better than before.

Successfully made the herbal soup for dry cough

I think I will go get another pack and try again. Well they did say if at first you didn’t succeed, try and try again. So hopefully it would finally get rid of this terrible itchy and dry cough!

My first try at boiling this Chinese herbs -TangKei QingFei, for dry cough

Some Chinese medicinal remedy for persistent dry cough

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