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What to do when you want to give up

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that starting a business isn’t always a smooth ride. Doors close. People object. Stuff happens. So what can you do to keep yourself on track? Here are some actions you can take when you feel like throwing in the towel and walking away from your dream.

# Calm yourself down. – Breathe. Count to ten. Go for a walk. Do something that will take you out of your emotional reaction and give you perspective on your situation. We are all emotional beings and the sooner you get a grip on yourself and think things through calmly the better. Never touch that panic button!
# Read your end goal statement. – Remind yourself of what you’re creating and why. This tends to jump-start your motivation because you’ve written it in the present tense, as if it were happening now. The power of goal settings means you have direction, a compass to guide you where you need to go. Use it as a powerful guide to get started on what needs to be done!
# Change your focus. – Make a list of the positives. This could include what you have achieved, the contacts you have made or how much you have grown through the process thus far. Nothing like having the satisfaction of knowing that you have come so far and has done what others take for granted.
# Look for the opportunity. – Ask yourself, “What is this situation trying to teach me?” Challenges can be the most valuable form of feedback. Any setback, glitch or crisis can be used as an opportunity to help you move forward.
# Get support. – Hire a coach. Find a mentor. Consult an expert. Talk to an objective person (someone who believes in you) who can help evaluate the situation, answer your questions or guide you in finding the right solution. Nothing stronger than coach to motivate you to push yourself to achieve more and set you on the right track!

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