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GoldPlus’ Tata Nano Gold Jewellery Car

Here’s one mean street machine if it ever gets on the road. The GoldPlus Tata Nano model decorated with 80 kgs of 22 Karat gold, 15 kgs of silver, gem stones. It took 30 artisans and 14 kinds of jewellery technique to make this dream car come true!

GoldPlus' Tata Nano Gold Jewellery Car

GoldPlus is a jewellery retail brand from Titan Industries of the TATA group launched the ‘The World’s 1st ever gold jewellery car’ – the Goldplus Car. This unveiling of its much awaited endeavor of a paying tribute to 5000 years of Indian Jewellery tradition and craftsmanship with the Tata Nano car model. The car was unveiled by Mr. Ratan N Tata.

This car was a celebration and paying homage to the 5,000 years tradition of India jewellery craftsmanship.

The jewel encrusted GoldPlus Nano is a one-off showpiece that will make guest appearance at Tata-owned jewellery stores across the country.

Heard that the Tata Nano still got ways to go for its safety issue, like any country trying their hand at making their own cars, I suppose it will take some time for them to work out the kinks much like Malaysia’s own national car, eh?

Fancy taking this car out for a spin? Make sure you don’t scratch the car as you would lose more than just knocking and respraying as you would also lose the gold together with it!

Perhaps some billionaire may consider encrusting their BMW with gold jewellery? After all, I have come across mags showcasing mobile phones and other what’s not encrusted with bling-bling thingy to show off their wealth. So why not, a car like this GoldPlus’ Tata Nano gold jewellery car!

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