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Health fitness is a prime concern for everybody in the world. Who can say they have never suffered any ailment? We can take steps to prevent catching anything, and while we still do suffer from any malady, at least the severity can be reduced if we have taken steps to bolster our health fitness level.

Having good health fitness is an ongoing process. It is lifestyle change that has to be done consciously. You want to live well into your ripe old age? Then you have to take actions now! But I know there are those who just don’t have the inclination to take responsibility of their own health, preferring to live in their false comfort that things are well with them even when they are already suffering from an ailment.

Even the closest family member can be so stubborn preferring to do it their way skirting at the edge of organ failure and refusing to do the necessary to keep their own health in check. You will find their body and mind health fitness deteriorating, on a downward spiral. We have done our part to inform them the merit of exercise, eating correctly and providing health supplements but in the end it is their own will to have a good health fitness that will determine a good end result.

There may be advice here based on what I have learned so far. Some are not easy to follow. But we do want a healthy body and mind. So perhaps it might help you. However you have to find what works for you and what doesn’t. There is no one correct way. Everybody says their health fitness way works, in the end you just have to try it, evaluate it and see if it works for you.

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