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It takes time to grow a succesful home base business

Who am I kidding? Yes, it takes time to build up a business anywhere anytime. Whether you are trying to build an internet home business or trying to run even a simple vending machine business. It takes time to understand the process, to learn ropes so to speak.

Well, lately my new condo which I intend to rent it out full furnish to get a higher rental return is really bogging me and my wife down. If the renovation and preparation is delayed it would mean more cost to me as the bank loan and condo management fee is due every month. We need to work fast so that my real estate agent can quickly go all out to find suitable tenants. That will really help improve my cash flow which at this moment is only outgoing.

All planning for the condo is shot to hell anyway, by right the sequence should have been:

  1. Do the renovation put up the safety grill
  2. Put in the electrical wiring and piping for air conditioner
  3. Put up the cornice to hide the cables, wires and air conditioner pipes
  4. Build up the kitchen cabinets
  5. Then finally move in the furnishing and electrical equipment

But unfortunately we also needed to look out for bargain items to save cost, and so some furnishing items had to be moved in after they were bought as the delivery cannot be delayed. What a mess, what a real mess!

This is really a good learning experience for both my wife and me. Perhaps the next time we purchase a property for renting out, we would hopefully be wiser in its preparation.

Here’s wishing you all the best if you are starting up something for your own home based business!

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