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How to submit your sitemap to Google

Once you have created your sitemap.xml file, you will need to submit it to Google for their indexing of your site with their robots, spiders and crawlers.

You will need to have an account with Google to submit your sitemap. You can log in with your gmail account, and if you don’t have a gmail account? Go beg somebody that has a Gmail account to invite you so that you could setup a Gmail account! Seriously, you could still sign up a Google account even if you don’t have Gmail account. After signing up with Google proceed to the dashboard.

The Google Webmaster Tools dashboard is located in

Add your site to each of the above and proceed with the verification process. The verification is to prove that you are the owner or have access to your web site domain account. This is done by way of inserting an identification file into your web site root folder or a Meta tag with the appropriate identification code in your header.

Once you have verified your status, you may proceed to submit your sitemap file which you have created and placed in your web site. After that sit back and relax and wait for Google’s spiders to index your web site.

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