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Ikea DIY Billy Bookcase

My spanking new Ikea Billy Bookcase all assembled and ready to filled with books and stuffs!I just got myself a spanking new bookcase from Ikea. One thing about Ikea DIY, you really have to DIY from purchasing the module, collecting it from their warehouse, carry it all the way to the check out counter, pay for it, carry it to the home delivery section. Then after receiving it, assemble it yourself.

Well my wife and I needed a new bookcase, because the current one is pretty much overflowing and the books and stuffs are arranged haphazardly. So does that mean I’m a bookworm? Yes and no. Sure I read quite a fair bit but compared to some readers, mine is more like the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not a very fast reader. It takes me awhile to go through a novel. Skimming through the pages loses the details of a story, so my reading pace is slower to digest more of the contents. Especially so with self help and reference books. Perhaps that’s why sometimes I abandoned reading those books halfway through.

Now with the new bookcase, my book collection and stuff will have more space to grow too!

Fixing up the bookcase wasn’t too difficult though with my wife’s help still took us three nights to complete the assembly. It was much easier than the TV cabinet as the design was simpler. Two people sure speeded up the assembling process. The bookcase weren’t that light and with two people fixing it up, that helped a lot to put it all together.

Unfortunately, the alignment between the bookcases seems out of line with each other. So popping over to Ikea to check it out with the staff there. It seems they put an additional screw between the bookcases and also to use the anti-topple brackets to fix it against the wall. But this would mean making the whole assembly permanently fixed in one place. The whole bookcase cannot be rearranged in future as there would be holes at the side of the bookcase wall.

The suggested design from Ikea Billy Bookcase brochure.Well, I guess I have to use the anti-topple fixture as the bookcase is rather shaky and seems like in danger of toppling over whenever I open the glass doors.

And as usual, my pet cat, Casper was pretty busy-body as usual while we making the assembly. He would just get in your way, rummaging through the screws and what-nots and scattering a few of them in the process. He just thought they were his little toys and I had to hide them away so that it wouldn’t get lost.

Finally the bookcase was done up and it looked pretty much like the design in the Ikea brochure, though mine was arranged in the opposite direction.

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