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This is also very slow going, perhaps is the learning curve and the need to put together the disparate web components from various website to make it truly a complete workable income generating system.

So far, only my Site Build It! Cameron-Highland-Destination.com website is generating positive income from one year plus of hard work. Hey, whoever says making money online must be very lucky indeed. There some aspect of it that are quite hard to do, like writing a compelling sales copy letter, and coming up with a reasonably good product.

Google adsense may be the easiest in terms of execution but the returns is not big enough to really live off it unless your traffic is of the highest magnitude! Being a niche market means the traffic is very niche. And the best way to make an income out of it, is to have a product that can address that niche market.

So now I’m in the planning stage to at first start selling a good affiliate product. I may even have to consider PPC (point per click) advertisement to drive targeted traffic.

Well, first the sales letter, then I shall follow my next step.

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