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The importance of keywords, an internet marketing SEO primer

Creating a website is not just making the site look great, but it is also about getting visitor traffic to your site. This is especially vital if you are planning to run say an online internet home business. Without optimizing your website to some specific keyword to draw increase website traffic is akin to setting up a retail shop in the back of a shopping mall or some obscure alley.

Unless you are in the shady underground mafia business, you definitely want your shop lot to be as prominent as possible to attract potential customer traffic. Likewise in the online world, you would want your website to rank well in the search engine to have even a ghost of a chance to draw website traffic.

This is where internet marketing SEO comes in. SEO is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website to tune in to a specific keyword for relevancy so that it will show up on a web search made by a surfer looking for specific information related to what you have to offer in your website.

Internet marketing SEO is not an exact science because there are various factors involved that will affect your SEO effectiveness. In addition, the search engine company like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc is constantly modifying their search engine algorithm to ensure that the searches are relevant. Black hat SEO is to be avoided as best as you can to ensure that your web site will not be delisted in the search engine especially if you are solely relying on your website for your business and income.

Though the algorithm may be revised, some things still remain fairly unchanged, so if you maintain and keep within the good practices, you should not be too alarmed about the changes taking place in the SEO world.

The first place to head for to research on your SEO keyword is Wordtracker:

Wordtracker keyword tool

Keywords that are low demand means that the traffic you attract will be little, while higher demand keywords has higher traffic potential. Having a high demand keyword or keyword phrase in your web site content does not guarantee you instant listing with that particular keyword. You need to give it time for the search engine to index your website and this can take anywhere from three months to more than year depending on how competitive in that keyword category.

Checking the demand side is only half the story and only serves as a very basic SEO research and is only half of the story. To really score well in the search you need to check for the supply side of the story i.e. the competing websites; how many other websites is also offering similar topic and content like your website. You may well be surprise at the numbers but don’t let that intimidate you. After all if you drop by at the book store and say you go to a particular section like cook books or management books you are just inundated with a wide variety of books similar in theme and topic, each one claiming their book is the book for you to read and that you should buy this book, blah, blah… And yet authors are still churning out books after books of similar topic!

Right! Same goes with the web site you are about to create. You may wonder, is there really another place for your website in the already crowded web space? Yes there certainly is! Because you are unique to yourself, you have the knowledge and the skill, and all you need to do is to deliver it much better than the others and you will have the edge to have a really great web site.

Coming back to the keyword research, in order to find out the info about the supply side you will need a tool which does not come free. This tool is available if you purchase the Site Build It! web site hosting provider. This company is not just web hosting provider, they are more than that. They provide you with tools that are necessary to ensure you can achieve in building a successful website. The tool they provide is what they call the Brainstormer module. With this tool you can check the demand and supply of a particular keyword or keyword phrase and from there determine the profitability potential when such a word is included into your website content.

The other option to do research for demand and supply of keywords is to purchase the wordtracker software. But between the two, I would favour Site Build It! because though their initial purchase cost may be high, at the end of it, it is much cheaper than purchasing the various tools like wordtracker software and many other tools sold separately by other software vendors.

Why is researching keyword supply important? By finding a relatively high demand low supply keyword, your website is poised to be in a better position to rank well in the search engine. You have less competing website to content with and possibly get your website or webpage listed quicker in the search engine for a specific keyword term.

Once you have completed your keyword research, you are now well on your way in creating web site that can increase website traffic, which may seem slow at first, but will pick up pace as you continually work at your web site and see it grow day by day.

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