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Jhoos dating messenger scam site

I have been getting Jhoos dating messenger invite from friends. All the while I just ignored it. But this time I got curious and decided to click the “Yes” button. But what I see looks awfully suspicious. Instead of a sign up page it asked you to key in your email address and password! The part where they ask for the password sets off an alarm in my head! Hey, would you hand in your ATM card and PIN number to people you don’t know?


A quick check online did show a number of people saying this is a scam site. In fact when I keyed in the main URL of jhoos I get a warning from my anti-virus saying that the website is potentially unsafe.

Jhoos login, looks like a phising site

So if you have been receiving Jhoos invite from your friends, simply just ignore them because their account has been hacked and they have no control over the invites.

Malicious website that phish for details that’s how they do it. Just because the email invite came from your friends and family doesn’t mean the website is safe. After all a compromised account meant that the data was mined and now being used by the malicious website.

Many who signed up and installed the Jhoos dating messenger software ended up with a bunch of irritating pop-ups, adwares and perhaps even spyware.

When surfing online, don’t be so naive and start keying in your login ID and passwords. That’s how some of my friends lost their ability to log in their email account, facebook account, etc.

To be smart, never log in to your email /facebook account on another person’s PC because you never know whether that PC has been compromised. Only use your own computer to log in all the time!

Browse safe and use your common sense. There are a lot of bad people out there out to take advantage of net user gullibility so just use a bit of your common sense and you might not get phised so easily.

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