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Just Another Day

Well, Monday blues as usual after the weekend. Though I lick the flu, but now I’m starting to have some minor cough.

Had a rather quiet Saturday weekend with my wife away attending a bank training. She had a tough time to master accounting principles and she needs to pass the exam which she had sat many times.

My weekend maid came by around noon as usual for the weekly housecleaning chores. So I am pretty much stuck in the house whole day long!

Well may as well do another webpage. So by late afternoon, I managed to finished another webpage titled Cameron Highland Climate Weather. Takes quite a long time for me to write articles related to my trips to Cameron Highlands. Wish there was some way to write faster and built a webpage faster too!

Oh, it’s my mom-in-law birthday too, and my wife plan a Seafood dinner in a restaraunt located in the middle of some nearby village. Out of nowhere stands an impressive looking crowded restaurant! How the patrons knew about this place I wonder…?

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