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Keeping the faith for success

Prayers are good. The cry of desperation keeps me hungry for God and for success. Doesn’t make sense, but the Bible did mentioned that it easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. So perhaps what I’m experiencing now for the lack of true success for some of my venture is perhaps God’s way of saying, “Don’t trust in the mechanism of man, but trust in the Lord.” He did release me from an oppressive tyrant. And he did heal my wife’s skin rashes in day when we tried all kinds of medication to no avail. His Spirit was so strong during my Sabah mission trip that people were slain in the spirit when I prayed over them.

I still remember my first encounter with God; and of all places, in a Catholic Church. Though they may have some misguided idea that salvation is prayer through Mother Mary, they still do believe in Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps they will still have salvation as long as they cling on to Jesus.

Though we may have the faith, and we can invoke the prayer of Jabez, God’s is not going to give in to all your request. I still remember somebody saying that if God answers all your prayers then who is the Lord and who is the servant?

The mark of a true servant hood is when you are treated like one.

Jesus’ teaching include being humble and have the duty of servant hood because a proud person believes in his own ability, while a desperate person with his ego broken and knows that there are bigger things beyond his control knows that God is in charge. And to surrender to His will is a lot harder. God wants obedience, because disobedience is the path to hell. That’s how the downfall of Satan and his minions. And that’s how the devil wants us to be; to disobey the instruction given by God and takes the path down the road to death.

But we are prideful creatures. We like to see success when we have toiled on our work. To see something working it is indeed satisfying. But it would surely be more wonderful when something becomes much more successful then we imagine it to be when we obey God. Ah, I want to hear His voice telling me what is the right decision, because all my efforts seem to be leading nowhere.

The prophesy is still ringing in my ears. “You shall be the head, and not the tail. You will be successful in whatever you will build. But you will need to heed the prompting of the Holy Spirit.” Oh, Lord. I can’t hear or I won’t hear? I’m not sure but I really do need your prompting.

There are indeed some positive situation at my current job. But there is the other prophesy saying that a new job awaits me, but I have to look out for it.

Is this prophesy for me or for my wife? She is the one changing job, not me. However, I have some added responsibility for my current job. And the new boss is more understanding. There seems to be more success in developing new clients and products for the company. I’m given more opportunity to travel and seek out business opportunity for the company.

But how about my own personal home business? Ah, I need to get deeper in touch with God.

PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens!

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