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Let it go

Forgiveness. This seems to be a recurring theme for the past week. My cell was having some discussion about forgiveness; and today I receive in my inbox a pdf file titled, “A letter to the Global Church from The Protestant Church of Smyrna” about the horrific murders on three Christians on the 18th April,2007 in Malatya, Turkey. [http://www.izmirprotestan.org/]

Even with the increase violence and bloodshed of militant Muslims, Christians are still practicing what Jesus has preached all along. Forgiveness. If a brother smacks you on one cheek, you are to give the other.

The path of non-violence is preached by the gospels. But darkness has no understanding of love. All they have in their understanding is fear and distrust. It is not surprising that even after the murder of Tilman Geske, Pastor Necati Aydin and Ugur Yuksel, the media twisted the events to their own needs by pumping out negative propaganda.

If the government can do that to Christians in what is considered a liberal country like Turkey, how so the future when the end times comes? We all be tortured and made to renounce our faith. Hopefully we don’t to have to face that kind of tribulation, for not all of us are that strong in our faith especially when it comes to torture, even the strongest can breakdown.

Forgiveness. It is not easy to forgive when a brother has harmed you so physically or emotionally. What I have experience is nothing compared to this. And yet Jesus preached forgiveness. We are to forgive one another for any offenses caused whether intentionally or unwittingly caused. To stand by your faith ever so strongly when tested beyond your breaking point and to forgive when subjected to harsh treatment marks a true follower of Christ.

I don’t wish to be tested like this. Nobody does. But you never know the situation will suddenly change. We are like sheep thrown into a wolves den. If God has bigger design for His plan, we will have to really stand by our faith for martyrdom.

It doesn’t mean if you are a Christian you will not suffer any setbacks. On the contrary, if you are a Christian, your every action will be scrutinized, waiting for the opportunity to catch you doing something wrong. We have to be a light onto the world. The devil is plotting your downfall. But with Gods protection and blessing we hope to see things through.

So if you have any un-forgiveness in your heart, it is like a bitter poison, rotting your very soul from within. It has to be let go, cleanse out so you can be like a light unto a dark world. Not add on the darkness to it. So forgive, forgive, forgive. Let it go, so that your spirit shall be free to soar as angels in heaven. Let it go. Let it go…

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