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Make money online from blogging?

A friend commented, “Wah! You got so many web sites! Heard that can make money from blogging. Wanna try too.”

Well, it is not as simple as that. If it were so, I would have been a rich man by now. Sure it is no harm trying. Especially if you can build a web site for free using free service from Google, Bravenet, Yola, Geocities, etc. But in the end after making some post for some months, not seeing any results, with very paltry returns, the-would-be-webmaster call it quits and that’s the end of that.

To make money online, you need to invest. “Ah!” you thought, “Pay money.” Yep, you have to put in some money at least to get a domain name. You will also need to invest your time to read up on how to go about to make your web site workable. There are many information online. Bits and pieces here and there. Not easy to run through and find out which ones works and which ones don’t.

And there are also many get-rich-quick, lazy-way-to-make-money-online ebooks around online. Make money for them you mean. Those ebooks information are just as messy as those free information that you can find online. If you can make head or tail out of it, yes, you can make something too. But it also requires investment on your part. Paying money to buy several eBooks from various authors, and paying top dollar to attend their seminars.

To make money, you have to put some money in; it is just like starting a business which requires capital. However an online business is a little different, your capital cost is much lower. If you want much lower, better go do MLM instead, which has good potential (but lots of hard work required) and easy to understand system unlike web site business.

Thank goodness I started out with Sitesell Site Build It! (SBI) They gave a very detailed manual plus a good system to create a web site that actually draws in traffic and convert. It is not your normal everyday web hosting company. It is more than that. It provides a system where you build a web site not just for the sake of being and web site, but a web site that could possibly generate a steady income if you follow what’s written in the manual.

Making money is just not about earnings from Adsense, Advertlets, Nuffnang, affiliate selling, but it could tie in with hard goods, products or services that you could offer.

Setting up a web site or a blog site without any directions or specific topic will get you nowhere. It would end up just another web site for hobby, for personal fun, definitely not for profit. I can attest to that. Still, it is kinda fun to do a web site without direction.

However to make real money, then you need a real system, and SBI has what it has. To make it work, you need to go through the manual and follow the instructions carefully. I know of some SBIers simply too lazy to read through it all, simply come up with a site concept and then hope for the best. After a year, gave up because not seeing any returns. Yes, it needs effort on your part. Even the Bible said, “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23

So don’t simply blog with no direction, because it is just mere talk. But use the Brainstorming tool available in SBI together with some research for site concept to make a web site that would truly be useful not only to you but also for others as well. Then the money will follow.

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