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Make your own web site browser troubleshooting

Sometimes different browsers react differently to the HTML/CSS when you make your own web site, you have to watch out and test it on each browser. Kind of a drag if you want to make sure IE/Firefox/Opera/Chrome works flawlessly. If that is too much of a chore, then just concentrate on the main one which is usually Internet Explorer, and your favourite browser like Firefox.

Troubleshooting why the alignment ran in IE was rather intriguing. At first I thought it was the template that was causing the problem. After having a hard look at it, I didn’t see any problem with the HTML/CSS coding. Next I decided to have a look at the WordPress widget where in the text widget I could place HTML/CSS code. After scratching my head for awhile, I pinpointed the problem. Somehow IE would treat the bullet list, [ul] [li], differently from the other 3 browser. Because of a missing [ul] tag, IE decided to go crazy while the 3 browser remained sane. By just adding back the [ul] tag, and IE displayed alignment was back to normal.

Despite the fact there was a body called W3 to govern the standardization of codes, Microsoft still like to be a bad boy and do things their own way. Maybe they could, after all they command something like 70+% share of browser market. Though their share may have been eroded somewhat by Firefox, majority of the people still use IE whether it is out of preference or just plain ignorance that there are alternative browser available that are much better than IE.

And recently Google launched their own browser called Chrome and started to promote this version of browser at the expense of Firefox. In the end which browser should you use? Personally my preference is still Firefox because of the Google and Yahoo toolbar which I find especially useful the bookmark feature. With it, I could access the same set of bookmarks whether I’m at the office, at home, or using my laptop. The same toolbar is also available for IE too, but not for Opera or Chrome. However I still play around with Opera and Chrome out of curiosity. Sometimes I need to log in to the same service (eg Google) at the same time but with different log in ID, using different browser sure makes it convenient.

Now with the HTML/CSS code fixed in the WordPress widget, I could get a display from IE that would be same as that of Firefox/Opera/Chrome. Done!

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