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Micro USB Data Cable

Micro USB data cable is the current standard data cable for mobile phone connection to the PC. Each new computer device will come out with new kind of USB data connector. And so I have amassed quite a collection of USB data cable starting from the standard USB-A, to USB standard-B, USB mini-B (5-pin) and finally the USB micro-B plug.

USB data cable, Standard USB-A, Standard USB-B, Mini USB and Micro USB data cable

In addition, these plugs can stand in for charging besides data connection for mobile phone. And so being a little lazy to carry from my bedroom, to my PC work room and to my work office, I decided to purchase a spare Micro USB data cable place a USB data cable in each place.

Such USB data cable can be very cheap however there is a caveat when purchasing, unfortunately. I have purchase a standard USB data cable before and it turn out to be such poor quality it would not connect my USB flash drive though it could still be used for power charging.

This time round, I bought a simple Micro USB data cable for RM9 (US$3) and it turn out to be a total dud. So much for Made-in-China products, they may be cheap but they don’t have quality control. Unless they are branded where at least a certain amount of supervision and QC checks to ensure brand reputation, most of the brand-X types do not care about their reputation.

Micro USB data cable

This little micro USB data cable when plug into my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro could not even charge my Android mobile phone let alone have any decent data connection. In addition it caused my mobile phone to reset! So looks like I will have to bring back to the computer shop for an exchange but I doubt the replacement USB cable would be of any quality. Perhaps I could exchange it with sometime else. Oh, well, cheapo items are just not quite worth the trouble sometimes.

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