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More trouble but gotta keep pressing on

Ouch! My water vending machine was attempted break in again! This will be the second time and the vandals broke my lock again! My home business is not going very well. Coin collection is not up to my expectation. Sheesh. I must be more careful in where I should invest my money. But I did do this out of desperation to find a way out the problem that I was facing from a tyrant boss previously. Sure God has brought me out of Egypt so to speak, but I still need to face the legacy of mess from the decision that I made. I should have been more patient but I was already almost like spiderman climbing up the walls on his impossible demands.

Now my tenant is really delaying his payment. That’s like one and half months in rental arrears. I doubt even his deposit will be able to fully settle any rental arrears.

If Robert Kiyosaki said anything about using property for recurring passive income was a good thing, I must have missed out something when reading his book. He didn’t mention about how to deal with errant tenant or lack luster business that is not up to expectation from the potential returns.

Of all the business I have tried, the web business has the best returns so far. I guess I just have to soldier on until something really fruitful comes about.

Well, time to pray for wisdom and blessing. There must be lesson in here somewhere.

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