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MPSJ Carnival Run in Subang Jaya

Running is a good way to keep your health fitness. Ever since I suffered and recovered from plantar fasciitis, I have not participated in any run for several years. My uncle who is an avid runner convince me and several family members to give this MPSJ Carnival Run in Subang Jaya a try.

Initially it was schedule in May but it was shelved to 13/June. I don’t know why they change the timing and this is bad for an organizer to just change the schedule like that. But I guess this being organized by the local town council, I guess a government agency way of doing things is rather topsy-turvy and that really shows how messy our current state of government!

In addition, there were sub-categories like 3km fun run, 7km run instead of going for the usual 10km run. I would like to try for a shorter distance as I have not taken in any race for a long time. Instead, after receiving my participation bag last night from my uncle, I notice all of us were slotted into the 10km race! Just what happened to MPSJ? Did they decided to simplify things and put everybody pell-mell into the 10km category? Terrible the way the local town council do things!

Well whatever. I’ll give it a try. I have completed 10km runs last time but back then I haven’t have the plantar fasciitis injury yet. Now I got to take it easy. If my feet become sore, I should slow down to a walk. I also noticed on my regular 20 minutes run I tend to get cramps on my butt which is not good.

Anyway, I’ll take it easy, if I can finish the run, good. If not, at least I know where is my current physical condition.

[Update 13/6/2010]

It was a family affair! Uncle Meng Kee and Uncle Andrew + family and Uncle Michael + family and of course Lindy and her mom. However each of us were placed in different category based on the age group and race distance. So it what we signed up earlier was as it was. Just that entry slip didn’t show any info.

My category however was pretty tough on me, 50 minutes to complete 7km to qualify. While my uncles 7km requires 55 minutes to quality. Uncle Andrew said it was only 5 minutes, but it made a whole lot of difference to me! My stamina is not that strong and legs did have an injury before. Taking it easy I completed my course in 55 minutes, 5 minutes pass my time required to qualify for certificate. All well at least I got a certificate of participation. I should have walked less and tried to push on, but my stamina was not great and halfway through I have to take a breather.

Oh, well try another race and hope to meet the qualifying time then. It is not easy to find those 5km or 7km runs. Most of them are basically 10km, 21km half marathon and the 42km full marathon.

And I may not be able to find a running course that is relatively flat like this race. Hill courses are a killer! And not good for my knees!

Apart from a slight stomach cramps and tight calf tendon on my left leg the run was basically rather smooth for me. Just needed to run more consistent next time round.

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