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New Year Resolution

It’s already pass several weeks and I’m really behind in many of my activities. I really took a long break having had a very hectic December ’06 month. In retrospect, it was quite a year 2006, both good and bad.

It was the year when God released from my burden from a boss-from-hell and replaced with a kinder one. It was the year when I started off with many business projects to ensure that should this kind of nitpicker ever surface and cause undue hardship to my working life; I have an avenue of escape. But the business project has so far not been fruitful enough to survive on it. So far only one project has grown well to have a nice little bonus.

My condo project was languishing for many months with lots of hard work and no tenant foreseeable. Using my website proceed to cover for this project. My AirKu water vending machine has such low traffic at the Amazing Sign shop and was finally shifted in December to a new location which hopefully will provide with better returns.

It was also a year where I lost my pet cat which I adored much. Maybe too much that sometimes my wife says I give it too much attention. Well we both miss the little fella and hope he will return. But from the looks of it, he is lost for good. There was a pretender that looked almost like Casper. But closer inspection reveals some different markings. We had good one and half year of companionship and we enjoyed his antics.

It was also the year where I had a bad foot injury called plantar fasciitis and heel spur. A combination of running with a flat foot without good arch support and perhaps overstrain in the training. The overall pain makes it difficult to walk fast and no more running exercise for me. Don’t know when it will heal, only rest and waiting for God’s grace for healing.

It was also a year of church mission where my cell organized a mission trip to Sabah for ten days during the Hari Raya holidays. The move of the Holy Spirit was so strong and without a doubt it strengthen our faith not only to the people we were ministering, but to ourselves too.

And what’s in store for year 2007? My New Year resolution:

  1. Heal my feet problem
  2. Have kids (about time!)
  3. Have a tenant in the condo
  4. Grow my CHD website even more!
  5. Work on my MYOWS website (really lagging behind!)
  6. Have a more successful collection of AirKu

Meanwhile, as usual, I will study more the word of God, hopefully have a stronger prayer and hopefully answered prayers as well to the prophesies given. I will be taking on another church responsibility as a Sunday School teacher and give a go and see what happens. Worship team also needs more musician. New blood and members are coming, so hopefully it will be progress somewhere.

Have a better working life and have a better personal relationship with God and family.

So here goes 2007!

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