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Nissan 180SX – Blue Lightning

Here’s one cool street machine, the Nissan 180SX. Restored and rebuilt with a 205HP SR20DET blacktop when the redtop blew from poor maintenance by its previous owner.

Nissan 180SX Front View

Style wise this Nissan 180SX sports Vertex front and rear body kits with late-model type-X sideskirts. The lightened vented hood is a custom fabrication from a stock bonnet secured firmly with D1 bonnet clips. Color choice was chosen with one of Nissans most famous color in mind, no cost was spared acquiring DuPont electric blue from the legendary R33 skyline GTR.

Tein coilovers are the new suspension choice after removal of the previous KTS drift spec coilovers. Substantial work has been done just for handling, adjustable pillowballs are spotted everywhere underneath this spirited 180sx. A Nismo 2-way LSD replaced the original viscous limited slip differential.

Surprisingly not much has been done for power. Only a HKS 0.9 bar actuator and Infinite Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) and 3” exhaust kit were used. The owner mentioned he was looking specifically for acceleration response.

The results, a super responsive Nissan 180SX with 200WHP. Not a very impressive number but a perfect balance for city driving with a little fun on the side.

Nissan 180SX Dashboard

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