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Nuffnang vs Adsense

For blogger who wish to make a killing blogging, don’t get your hopes too high. Yes, you can get some pocket money out of it, but if you really want to live off the earnings from your blogs, sorry, tough luck. Am I being pessimistic? Not really. Yes, there are some bloggers who actually earn enough from blogging and survive from the income generated. In most majorities, the earnings are usually paltry in comparison. I’m not trying to let down your enthusiasm. By all means do it, but don’t put too much hope on it unless you know exactly what you are doing that will draw hoard of traffic and click-through falling short of trickeries and spamming.

I do get some amount from my Cameron Highlands Destination (CHD) website. Enough to cover my web hosting cost and for the time and effort in writing articles, researching for information, purchasing materials and the trouble of trudging around the highlands and looking into each every corner to experience and later make a review of the places visited. That’s why my readers say I have the best website in the world about Cameron Highlands!

I have very good web traffic, and with the traffic, a good chance for click-throughs via my Google Adsense to cover for my hard effort for making the best website. With good content, of course there will be other webmaster who would just simply rip off your hard work. Fortunately, they complied when I asked them to remove my work. Thank goodness!

So far I have been relying on good ol’ Adsense for side income to lay off the expenses, and needed to find some other means to supplement web income. There were many ways to monetize a website, using affiliate programs from sites like Amazon, HotelClub, Sitesell’s Site Build It!, etc. None has helped to offset my cost and expenses like Adsense did.

However reliance on one form of income generation is rather risky. So when Nuffnang started their click-through program, I gave it a try. Nuffnang is a Malaysian based copy of Adsense and they wanted to try help the Malaysian bloggers to earn some income. So I thought it was good. Besides you don’t need to hit US$100 to get paid out. You just need to hit RM100 (I think they just changed it to RM50 recently) which looks like a much easier proposition.

Pasting the Nuffnang codes around my blog and CHD website, to my dismay, it didn’t generate any adverts. All it did was display their logo and a link to their website. According to their FAQ, they need to collect analytics data before they could display any ads. After about one month I still see no ads except for once. So if there are no ads, you won’t earn any income since click-through just go to their website. As of to-date, in my account was only a miserable 20 cents after more than one month of pasting their code.

Something must be seriously wrong about their business model. It looks like the local companies do not trust them for driving traffic or creating awareness for product promotion. If this is the case, we as blogger/publisher were also let down as well. Mine you; my CHD website has very good traffic.

In comparison with adsense, the moment I paste their code, the ads were already there basing on the content that I wrote. Click through were favourable though for reasons unknown, the earnings has dropped despite the increase in web traffic. Since I could not control what kind of ads were displayed and what kind of earnings I will get for each click through, I am totally at the mercy of Google for any earnings. Though it was not much, so far I could use it to cover my web hosting cost. Wish it was more though, which would really be a bonus for all my efforts. Until Nuffnang get their act together, the best source of income so far would still be Google Adsense.

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  1. speakin abt nuffnang, i think there’s sumthin wrong at ur side. Nuffnang straight away displayed ads as soon as i pasted their codes. And urs after so long still displaying the logo oni. Must be something wrong. Go see mine for urself. In fact i find nuffnang ads more interesting, at least there’s some animation, tho it’ll take a little longer to load.

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