One day at a time

It was a quiet week at the office. Japan is having their Golden Week holidays and we have our Labour Day and wesak day holidays coinciding. That meant at my end only working on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Having attended the Olivia Newton John concert at Genting Highlands Arena of Stars on Sunday. I took a half day leave from office on Monday. Still felt tired from that short simple trip to the highlands. It was really cold and foggy up there. But it seems the weather is really odd nowadays. Alternating with a hot sunshine and culminating into brief but thunderous showers. The end times must be near now that the whole world’s weather system has gone haywire.

My wife and her family went to Mentakab to settle the sales of her parent’s flat and later proceeded to Raub to visit her aunt and stay overnight there. They always enjoyed a nice meal when staying. For a small town, the restaurant over there always have some good dishes to serve.

That left me home alone as I still had to work on Monday. Boss didn’t allow a full day leave since many staff is on leave to make a super long week end holiday. Well, it is nice to have some solitude once in awhile.

I spend the time changing electrical plugs to surge protected version to have at least some safeguard against lightning surges. The weather is weird nowadays and I lost some items to a lightning strike a fortnight ago. Better spend a little to protect my electrical equipment. Sure I may have householder insurance, but the hassle of insurance claim and the fact that they won’t pay back in full; better to protect my equipment then to run around trying to get back some money from insurance.

Not much in the way of website. A bit lazy and lethargic to keep pumping articles creating original content. Some people just love to write, but for me, I can write but sometime I just don’t feel that creative. Ah, the dreaded writer’s block. Sure there is money to be made from internet marketing, but you need to have a good product that people need. And that slippery direct sales copy style of selling borders on just too incredulous, just too good to be true style of selling just doesn’t feel right. There must be some way of inducing people to purchase your product even for affiliate selling. I need to increase my website traffic!

Ah, everything is just a numbers game.

Ouch, the tenant is behind in his rental yet again. And this time he seem rather pissed off when I chase him for payment. Hey, it is not a free place to stay Mr Tenant. “You don’t like me to chase you for payment and neither do I like to chase you for payment, Mr Tenant.” Sheesh.

The week is almost over. I still got my bicycle to assemble which I got from my credit card rewards program. I have been putting that off for awhile. I really need to get some exercise…

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