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I’m using a lot of the online bookmark apps provided by the search engines like Google and Yahoo. I also have a Delicious account for social bookmarking as well as trying out Google Chrome and Opera synchronized bookmarks. I’m all for using online bookmarks as it has one great advantage over using the browser’s bookmarking ability in that it is rather permanent in comparison and especially useful if when you are switching over to a new PC or have many PC in your control.



Xmarks Sync in the Cloud

Now I have switched over to Xmarks, this was absolutely the best online synchronizing bookmark app. Much better than the online bookmarks like Google, Yahoo and Delicious. And also nowadays, browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera also have synchronizing of bookmarks across PCs. That’s great but lack the cross browser many PC sync ability.

Now that’s where Xmarks comes in. With it, I was able to sync between PCs as well as cross browser platform such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately it did not support Opera and Safari for Windows.

If you wondering, I don’t just use any one browser. I use separate browser to segregate my log ins. I have more than one Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live account, and you can’t log more than one account at a time if you need to do some simultaneous work between the accounts.

And if you willing to pay premium, your Xmarks bookmarks could be sync with your mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

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