Samsung Note 3 Endless Reboot Loop

Sometimes mobile phone updates can be a little risky. Just this morning, I saw the update symbol prompt for the Samsung Note 3. Little did I know, I would end up in an endless reboot loop!

I thought the update would have been automatic, when I pressed the Samsung software update button and left the phone alone and came back to it later thinking the update process would have been done. Read the rest of this entry »

Using Aluminum Foil for Extending my WIFI Signal Coverage

Trying to get wired and connected should have been a easy thing to do. Not so if your home or office has blind spots where the WIFI signal coverage is so poor you get zero connection!

I decided to find a way to extend the WIFi signal coverage in my house. Being a 3 storey house it wasn’t an easy thing to do. My fiber optic UNIFI broadband connection was placed right at the top of floor in a corner of my computer study room. Granted it was not the best of the location for a router and WIFI placement as there was no way the signal could reach from the top floor all the way to the ground floor.

Using aluminum foil to extend WiFi coverage
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My Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone

Finally, I have decided to upgrade to Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8 having used my Lumia 800 for about a year and a half. The Lumia 800 was running on WP 7.8 and it wasn’t supporting the new apps and I really want to use those apps (plus a few other features)!

The jump over came when Nokia made a promotional offer at RM1,099 which was quite a huge drop from RM1,599! I was actually mulling about whether to go for the Lumia 1320 but felt it was too large with a 6” screen (there was an offer from it too but the price drop wasn’t as much). The 925 has a 4.5” screen was more handier friendly plus it has some good camera features too.

My Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8
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WordPress Posting gets 403 File Permission Error

Here we go again! After shifting my website to another host, some things just didn’t work right. I attempted to make a WordPress post but got a 403 File Permission error. Other than that, my entire WordPress website is running smoothly. I could view the post and pages, I could log into the dashboard and bring up the add post page.

But when I attempted to preview or make a post, my server elicit a 403 File Permission error. Tried a few times but if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t work. I recall I had some similar issues some years back, giving my blog a quick searched showed a different error that I encountered, a 404 file not found error. That time it was far worse, because no post would show up!

This time it is just not able to make any preview or post. Other than that, my WordPress was rather fine. There are two possible scenarios to this issue: Read the rest of this entry »

Google Gmail New Compose Box and Message Tabs

So Google decided to ditch the old compose box and came out with the new pop out Gmail compose box. Whoever thought up this idea didn’t have the frequent email user in mind. Frankly I found it very clunky to use. Unfortunately there was no way to go back to the old compose style box as Google has completely switched it off.

Gmail new compose box

Initially the new compose box only sits in the bottom right corner and you have to write your message on a cocked-eye basis. After listening to the many user’s complaints, Google now allows you to set the compose box right smack in the middle of your webmail. It helped some but still not good enough. Read the rest of this entry »

Replytocom duplicate content error in Webmaster Central

While browsing around the Google webmaster central, happened to bump into HTML improvement section and saw the replytocom duplicate title tags content warning. I was pretty sure what I wrote would not be duplicate within my website domain or my other sites. After all, Google frowns upon such duplicate content. Read the rest of this entry »

Posterous Spaces closes down

Posterous Logo“Another one bites the dust” and so Posterous Space would bid adieu come 30 April 2013. Fortunately for me, I didn’t really use this service in a big way. Thus it was not a big loss for me. The way social services closing down their doors one after another seemed to be the trend recently.

I suppose free is not a good business model. Eventually they have to come up with some kind of monetizing method in one way or another. Take Linkedin for instance, sure they are very popular among the working professionals trying to link up with other working professionals, eventually they have go for advertising revenue. Read the rest of this entry »

My Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia Windows Phone flashy display certainly caught my eye! Eventually with the sales promotion, I decided to give this mobile phone a go! I did had my apprehension initially as I had bad experience with an O2 Microsoft Windows Mobile based smartphone. I suppose with iPhone and Android hammering at the smartphone market, Microsoft had to redesign their mobile O/S platform from the ground up, and they sure did a good job at it this time round.

My Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7

Nokia was the pioneer for the Windows Phone platform as they were given first mover advantage before Microsoft moved on to HTC and Samsung. Given that Nokia was doing very poorly with their Symbian O/S platform, they needed a more powerful operating system to tackle the smartphone market now dominated with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android partnering with Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V Quick Review

This Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V motherboard was a quick purchase decision without much checking as my old Gigabyte board burnt out on me while doing some file transfer. After 4-1/2 years of faithful service with one hiccup on the BIOS, my old GA-MA69G-S3H was now a souvenir piece. I probably won’t keep it for long as it takes up space though I would keep the AMD CPU and DDR2 RAM for souvenir keepsake.

I decided to hop back to Intel based PC. AMD was not too bad. Although AMD positioned itself as a lower cost alternative with more features, I found that despite the AMD CPU being cheaper, the motherboard was not. And somehow the marriage between Microsoft and Intel seemed better for routine day to day usage. Not being a gamer, I suppose this pairing would be far more suitable for me.

Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V with Intel Core i3
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My Run at Adidas King of the Road 2012

Adidas #KingOfTheRoad 2012 #KOTR run was a blast! It wasn’t easy as it has been awhile since I last ran a 10km route. I did some 7km run last year and it was time to up the ante. One of my earliest 10km run was way back in 2005 and guess what? It was the Adidas King of the Road race! It was held in Kuala Lumpur and this time round the event took place at Sunway Pyramid with the route using the NPE highway. They have two distance, a shorter 10km and a longer 16.8km route. For me I just stuck back to 10km as my overall fitness wasn’t really great and I still get plantar fasciitis pain every now and then.

Adidas 2012 King of the Road race at Sunway Pyramid NPE

The information noted that many roads would be closed. Rather than trying to wake up really to park nearer to the race route, my wife volunteered to send me there and pick me up after the running event was over. Sounded good to me and gave me a chance for an extra hour of shut eye. Sometimes the anticipation of going for a run made it difficult for me to sleep. Fortunately I managed to knock off and had quite a good few hours sleep despite turning in rather late from preparing my Adidas running vest with the number bib. The bib was high tech as it was fitted with an electronic tag to mark my running time and upload the details to my Facebook and Twitter account! This was the only race I took part that has such a system! Read the rest of this entry »

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