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Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ7

I’ve decided to switch over to Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ7 compact camera instead of getting a brand new Canon compact camera. Panasonic Lumix range has some very good features lately.

I felt the Panasonic brand has much better quality in terms of robustness and durability compared with Canon cameras.

I had an old Panasonic compact camera and used it for years before it was stolen while I was holidaying in Vietnam. Losing the camera was one thing, losing the entire vacation photos was a bigger blow to my morale and totally spoilt my family holiday vacation in Vietnam.

My compact cameras - Panasonic Lumix and Canon Powershot

After losing the Panasonic camera, I swap over to Canon Powershot. It was ok. Has very good photo capturing ability and good macro zoom, but it has narrow angle field of vision.

Unfortunately it has poor durability, and soon after more than a year of usage, the motherboard started to have battery drain problem. Not only my Canon compact camera got battery drain, another Canon compact camera that I got for my office usage was having similar problem too!

And talk about poor quality, my Canon DSLR also has battery problem but the drain was not on the main battery, but on the mini button battery that keeps time and date.

Since they are all out of warranty. To repair it would be very costly. I sent in my Canon Powershot to the Canon service centre and the repair estimate was about 3/4 of my camera purchase price!

May as well buy a new camera!

So I settled on Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ7. This compact has very good wide angle, good for taking panaromic scenes and group photos! Plus the brand is synonymous with good quality and durability, it was definitely a good buy.

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